Kevin began developing for the Web in 1995 and is a highly respected technical author. Kev is a world-renowned author, speaker and JavaScript expert. He has a passion for making web technology easy to understand by anyone. Yes, even you!

Kevin's articles

  1. SitePoint Podcast #102: Dumb Quotes

    The team is back with another news and commentary show! This week: HTML5 is ready to use, WordPress 3.1 is out, and some languages make developers swear more than others.

  2. SitePoint Podcast #100: Our Live Anniversary Show

    A special two-hour 100th anniversary podcast this week, recorded live with a parade of guests from the early days of the SitePoint Podcast. Miles Burke talks about handing his company over to his employees; Alex Payne shares his thoughts on Twitter’s use of hashbang URLs; Jina Bolton decides the secret to CSS workflow is to put someone in charge of it; Jeffrey Veen says fonts will never be perfect on the Web, and that’s okay; Matt Mullenweg hints at what’s next for WordPress; and Chris Wilson talks about life after Microsoft. It’s our biggest show ever—don’t miss a minute!

  3. SitePoint Podcast #100 LIVE!

    The SitePoint Podcast #100 will be broadcast live Sunday February 13th from 4PM PST. Visit this post at that time to watch the show live and participate in the chat room!

  4. SitePoint Podcast #100 LIVE this Sunday!

    This Sunday evening, the SitePoint Podcast celebrates its 100th episode by recording LIVE for two hours! Tune in to watch Kevin Yank, Patrick O’Keefe, Brad Williams, and Stephan Segraves as they record #100 live, and join in on the live chat to be a part of the fun! Read the full story for all the details.

  5. SitePoint Podcast #96: The Plug-in Wars

    Google Chrome drops H.264 video, Firefox 4 nears release, and how to avoid tainted WordPress themes. All this, plus a free gigabyte of extra storage for your Dropbox account in this week’s SitePoint Podcast!

  6. SitePoint Podcast #94: Appy New Year!

    This week, the podcast team discusses whether server-side JavaScript is destined to be the web technology of 2011, or just a lot of empty hype. Also: what can the Web learn from today’s thriving app ecosystems, and is RSS finished as a mass-market feature in web browsers? All this, plus our host spotlights, in the first SitePoint Podcast of 2011.