Kevin began developing for the Web in 1995 and is a highly respected technical author. Kev is a world-renowned author, speaker and JavaScript expert. He has a passion for making web technology easy to understand by anyone. Yes, even you!

Kevin's articles

  1. Razor-sharp Images in Mobile Safari on iPhone 4

    The latest generation of smartphone displays have vastly higher pixel densities than their desktop counterparts–more than double in the case of the iPhone 4’s much vaunted Retina display. The difference is now so large that mobile browsers have been forced to start auto-scaling content, typically rendering a CSS dimension of 1px as two physical screen […]

  2. Develop for iPad with HTML5: Trial and Error

    Reading between the lines, it seems clear that developing for Apple devices using web technologies is still very much a trial-and-error process. As mobile devices from Apple and others continue to evolve rapidly, the rules will change frequently over the next few years.

  3. SitePoint Podcast #65: Got IE6?

    Loads of browser news on the podcast this week, along with a heaping spoonful of controversy with every headline! Also: is Twitter’s switch to OAuth unfair to Chinese internet users? Is Ruby the second coming of programming languages? And Smokescreen is set to bring Flash-based ads to Apple’s mobile devices.

  4. SitePoint Podcast #63: There Are Two Webs

    Lots of news from the Google IO conference: Google introduces the WebM video format, Google introduces the Google Font Directory, and a first look at Google Chrome Web Apps. Also: Twitter API Basic Authorization ends in 5 weeks.

  5. A Minimal HTML Document (HTML5 Edition)

    The HTML5 working group has put a lot of thought into slimming down the minimal set of tags required in an HTML document. It turns out all major browsers agree on several shortcuts that can cut down on that code, and the HTML5 specification now allows for these shortcuts to be used in valid code.

  6. SitePoint Podcast #59: Speaking of Fail

    Facebook attempts to take over the Web with its new Like button; Global Grind rips off content and appears to be getting away with it; Palm’s bet on the Web as the platform for mobile applications seems not to have paid off; Ning plans to shut the doors of thousands of free Web communities that it helped to create; and Cameron Adams compares the performance characteristics of HTML5 and Flash.

  7. SitePoint Podcast #58: HTML Email with Mat Patterson

    Kevin Yank interviews Mat Patterson from Campaign Monitor. They discuss many things email-related, mostly the absolute nightmare it can be to design beautiful-looking HTML emails that work consistently across email clients. Thankfully, Campaign Monitor has some handy tools and templates to get you started.

  8. SitePoint Podcast #57: Not Negative

    The DiggBar is dead as Kevin Rose takes over at Digg. We look at some comparative browser release uptake graphs. Apple announces WebKit 2 to guard against browser crashes. Opera Mini for the iPhone is approved, but still needs work. Twitter announces a money-making strategy at long last: an advertising platform. And Apple tries to sneak a change into its iPhone developer agreement, but everybody notices—especially Adobe.

  9. SitePoint Podcast #56: Professional WordPress with Brad Williams, David Damstra, and Hal Stern

    This week, Patrick O’Keefe and Stephan Segraves interview regular podcast co-host Brad Williams and his co-authors David Damstra and Hal Stern about their just-released book, “Professional WordPress”. The guys talk WordPress performance, the merits of commercial WordPress themes, and the difference between themes and theme frameworks, not to mention their views on the publishing industry as a whole!

  10. SitePoint Podcast #54: Building Communities with Derek Powazek, Part 2

    The conclusion of our interview with Derek Powazek, co-creator of JPG Magazine and creator of Fray. We talk about how to deal with destructive users in web communities, web comments and why they kinda suck most of the time, the communities of Facebook and Twitter, and the role of design in community sites.

  11. Heading Headaches: Balancing Semantics and SEO

    We here at SitePoint have been doing a bit of search engine optimization around the site. When we consulted the experts in this stuff, some of the advice we received went against rules of “good HTML” that we’d previously been following. It turns out, for many people, the rules have changed.

  12. What Makes a Good 404 Page?

    What makes a good “page not found” page? Is the name of the game getting the user back on track as quickly and efficiently as possible, or should a good 404 page reward the wayward user with a little surprise—a visual treat that only visitors who’ve fallen off the map can see?

  13. SitePoint Podcast #52: Building Communities with Derek Powazek, Part 1

    Derek Powazek, co-creator of JPG Magazine and creator of Fray, drops by to discuss the care and feeding of web communities. We touch on the place of forums in a Web 2.0 world, creating communities around commercial products, the potential value of closed communities, and balancing user demands against your own plans.