Gabrielle is a freelance graphic designer, animator, photographer and filmmaker who has taken on various projects including creating logos for clients, animating commercials for film festivals, working as a character and background designer and animating music videos for an international music artist.

Gabrielle's articles

  1. Dial-a-Style: Nailing the Pop Art Look

    Pop art: the word probably conjures up images of soup cans and colorful Marilyn Monroes for you.

    A commentary on both the contemporary consumer and the culture, pop art delved into a world without looking for deep and philosophical meanings. It was a complete departure, and an active backlash against the art movements before it.

    Like most artistic movements, pop art has its specific techniques and subject matters. The focus settled on culture and mass consumerism and art techniques that were typically embodied within classic fine art were transformed or abandoned altogether with pop art.

    Bright vivid colors often accompanied bold, simplistic shapes and soft lines for a distinct and recognizable shape.

    The Beginning

    Despite its association with New York, pop art had its true conception in Great Britain during the mid 1950s.

    The movement emerged shortly after World War II, but it was Lawrence Alloway, a British curator who actually coined the term ‘pop art’ in 1955.

  2. Dial-a-Style #2: Film Noir Style

    Poster: The Lodger (1927)

    Film has inspired everyone from fashion designers, video games and even music videos. Website design is no different, with film lending its techniques to establish a particular look or mood.

    This article will enlighten you on exactly what film noir is, its history, its key players, examples of web resources with film noir characteristics, and finally a rundown on how you can apply it to your designs.

    So, what is Film Noir?

    The term literally means “black film” in French, but in the cinematic world it has come to encompass certain aesthetics and tropes.

    These including the use of black and white film, vignettes, high and low key lighting, along with the presence of cynical characters. The genre is usually associated with crime dramas, or those fitting in the timeline of WWI and WWII, but film noir has often branched out from these “stereotypes”.

    Films like “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “Vertigo” defy many of the classic noir films memes, but still managed to fit in the category.

    In ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, the protagonist is suicidal and the mood of the film is dark, while Vertigo, though not a black and white film, features class film noir themes — a tortured anti-heroe, a post-war timeline and, of course, a complex plot.

  3. Sharpen up! 3 Steps to Simplifying Your Design

    The internet is a powerful medium and your website, if done well, can be your most powerful tool for capitalizing on it.

    As designers, business owners and others who constantly use the internet and a website to attract clients it is important that your website is not only useful and accessible, but impressive.

    Remember that even a simple design can maximize your chances of being scouted by prospective clients and employers.

  4. How to Choose the Right Icons

    Icons are nothing new when it comes to web design, but that doesn’t mean selecting the right icons to use is an easy task. Like anything else when it comes to your website, careful thought is required to determine the use and need for each component. Whilst sprinkling your pages with decorative icons may give […]

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    Almost everyone and everything is online in 2014, and if there’s one golden rule for designer/developers looking for work it’s: Make yourself visible! This rule is equally true for graphic designers, front-end developers, UX people or any other visual design field for that matter. While we all know Facebook and Twitter can be invaluable for […]

  6. What is Flat Design (and how do I do it)?

    Last year saw the emergence of many new and reinvented trends across the world of design. Some trends outshined others, in particular the appealing trend towards flat and almost flat design that made itself apparent in everything from icon design to mobile interfaces to classic web design. While flat design is far from being a […]

  7. 20 Distinctive Navigation Menu Designs

    Since its invention, the humble ‘navigation menu’ has been one of the core experiences of browsing the web. In fact, the Web’s first-ever webpage — recently restored to it’s original 1991 CERN URL — consists mostly of a rudimentary text navigation menu. As spartan as it appears, the reality is that the vast majority of […]

  8. 20 Hotel Website Designs

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