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By Alex Walker

Video: Baked-in UX from Day One

By Alex Walker

Bringing a UX person in at the tail-end of a project is a bit like getting your plumber in after you’ve finished plastering and painting. It’s likely to be difficult and expensive. Jodie Moule, author of SitePoint’s Killer UX Design, talks about a UX process that begins long before a line of code is written.

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    A very informative interview. I know a tendency is to think since we are all human, that we naturally put humans first in our designs – but unfortunately that is not true. To make truly human-first UX designs, it needs to be a much more conscious effort. Having someone like Jodie focused on that really shows through I’m sure.

    I liked how she says “..and Judy over there” as she points to the side – makes me think they have large cardboard cutouts of their personas pasted all over the walls. Do they? ;-)

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