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SitePoint's semi-secret daily email newsletter, Versioning, is better than it has any right to be. In fact, it's the best email I get.

Co-Lead Developer at Culture Amp

I love Versioning. It's part of my balanced breakfast! On days you take a break, I feel malnourished, weak, like part of my soul is missing.

Andrew Orr

I like the simplicity, the variety, and the humorous authenticity of Adam's newsletter. I look forward to it every day, and am disappointed when it (rarely) fails to make it to my inbox!

Random Admirer

I love it and I've shared it with my entire team. Love the simple design, it's super easy to scan and the articles are always great. THANK YOU FOR THIS NEWSLETTER #blessed


You. are. awesome. I love Versioning more than I love cold pizza in the morning! My favorite linkage + some laughs = :D


Favorite email to read each day? Versioning from SitePoint's very own Adam Roberts! Techy links and humorous quips abound!!


The one TECH email I always read Monday to Friday, Versioning by SitePoint, w/ brilliant content curator Adam Roberts.


The best daily tech newsletter by far, curated by puntastic Adam Roberts.


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Most email sucks.
But this email is not like the others.

Stay entertained and up to date about all things web dev and design. Sarcasm, puns, and the occasional, actual, lol.

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