By Kevin Yank

SitePoint Hiring Web Tech Enthusiasts!

By Kevin Yank

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: working at SitePoint is my dream job. I get paid to tinker with all the latest web technology, and then share what I learn with developers all over the world. Sound like fun to you? Well guess what—we’re hiring!

SitePoint’s editorial team needs enthusiasts to stay on top of all that’s fresh and new in web technology, and help us produce our range of blogs, newsletters, articles, and books.

If you’re a web developer who enjoys teaching about technology as much as you love getting up to your elbows in a new web development platform, then this could be your dream job too.

To be in the running, just fill out our online survey.

This is a full-time position at SitePoint’s head office in Melbourne, Australia.

Although we would prefer to find someone local, we are definitely set up to offer visa sponsorship if the right candidate comes along.

  • That would be a dream job!

  • Ian

    Sounds very interesting! Just curious though, what sort of job is this? Full time? As a web developer, would I be required to give up my business?

    Can you provide some more information?

    Thanks :)

  • Yes I would also like to know whether it is a full time opportunity or something we can do it working 2 to 3 hrs per day.

  • This is definitely a full-time commitment, working with the SitePoint team in our head office, located in sunny Australia. I’ve written a little about the role and why I enjoy it so much on my personal blog.

  • chrisdpucci

    Just to clarify, (I think I got it from you above post), this is an on-location position?

  • Browzer

    Do you have any positions for part-time virtual technical reviewers? For example, people that don’t live in Australia but that would be happy to review books before they are published and submit comments.

  • Anonymous


    dream job? heard that before…

    dr livingston, feeling a bit grumpy today :)

  • wwb_99

    Big question you don’t really indicate: do you all sponsor foreigners (or whatever they call it in oz-speak)?

  • wwb_99,

    Although we would prefer to find someone local, we are definitely set up to offer visa sponsorship if the right candidate comes along.

  • LinhGB

    I’m a local boy. :) While I quite fancy the idea of working for SitePoint, I also really like my current full-time job where I also get to tinker with whatever I want. Can’t you guys be a little clearer about your offer like a normal job ad? ;)

  • LinhGB,

    We posted this as a normal job ad on in the past, although the ad has since expired so I can’t point you to it right now. What information do you feel is missing? I’ll be happy to fill you in on any details.

  • When will you be making a decision? When is the position to start?

  • We never set a deadline for a decision. We keep accepting applications until we find the right person. As soon as that happens we make the decision very quickly, and we start them as soon as they’re available.

  • BurgerKing

    What information do you feel is missing? I’ll be happy to fill you in on any details.

    How about:
    Day-to-day duties
    Required skill set
    Pay range

    Is all the work onsite at Collingwood?

  • Anonymous

    How does this web tech role differ from the previous PHP/MySQL/ECMA roles or the CSS designer I’ve seen on seek from you ? (There just seems a lot of overlap between the current survey and previous roles, at least in terms of the survey form)

  • BurgerKing,

    Responsibilities: many and varied, but primarily focused on researching, writing, and editing content for, our books, articles, and other content offerings.

    Day-to-day duties: As responsibilities.

    Required skill set: In general, broad and current experience with web technology, a strong technical background, and impeccable communication skills. See the survey.

    Pay range: Very negotiable. We prefer to know all we can about a candidate before we determine what pay rate is appropriate. Sorry I can’t be more specific here.

    Yes, as indicated above, this is a full-time position at SitePoint’s head office in Collingwood, Melbourne, Australia.

  • How does this web tech role differ from the previous PHP/MySQL/ECMA roles or the CSS designer I’ve seen on seek from you?

    Those are developer/designer roles for the continued development of and related internal projects.

  • Anonymous

    Enthusiast”s” plural. More than one! I filled in the survey thinking this might just be a con to get a survey filled in. I received no reply after filling out the survey and no-one looked at links in the survey to an online resume. What is this all about and will anyone really be appointed to a real job.

    Something smells fishy to my sceptical view, the use of plurals, no reply and please fill in a web form. Are you for real sitepoint? I am stopping in here to check if anyone is a ppointed to this position and if not, I want to be paid for my time filling in a survey form and I will be making a complaint under Trade Practices about false advertising if this position is just wasting our time.


  • Akash Mehta

    Of course, Tim. Sitepoint is pure conspiracy. They outsource their work to a freemason-style group of cabalist freelancers and share revenues with the Russians. They pay people to post on forums, data mine your registration details and every so often hold a contest with fake entrants to drum up participation so that they can create an audience for techcrunch, which they secretly own and operate. Their books, which can be found in many public libraries, are written by, which was recently mentioned on a blog here as payment for all the hard work.

    Seriously, though, a site as big as sitepoint seems a little bit too realistic to be as non-existent as you suggest. Surely one of the top 500 websites in the world isn’t a fake? How come they have a physical presence in their books, which I’ve seen in the public libraries? Where do you suppose all the content for articles came from? I haven’t actually seen the office, but for all it matters, you could probably find it on Google Earth :)

  • Tim, I can assure you the survey is legit. I filled out the same survey in September last year and started in November as a Technical Editor.

  • To begin jumping to conclusions and threatening legal action when a job application has not been reviewed within two working days of submission is, I would say, a tad extreme. As for your expectation of a response, we do not respond to every applicant, only those we are interested in meeting with about the job.

  • Dear Tim, unfortunately your application was not successful. Thanks for your time and good luck!

  • Stoutheart

    I’d apply for this job in a heartbeat if I didn’t have to move. I have 7 years of web programming experience and 12 years of graphic design experience and have been writing 100% CSS compliant .Net web applications for the last two years. Plus I have about 6 years of part time teaching experience from working at a local college in my area. I just cannot and will not move. I have a family and a life here.

    Have you thought about opening positions like this up to working remotely? I mean in this line of work it would especially broaden your ability to find a qualified candidate? The technology is there, why not use it?

  • Anonymous

    Here are just some of the benefits of working for SitePoint. Published in The Age Newspaper (Australia) today.

  • Akash Mehta

    I think a work from home arrangement would be great, and if this was possible I’d certainly consider applying. I’m within Australia as it is, but not in Melbourne, and moving isn’t an option at this point. A full time position like this isn’t suited to a ‘work from home’ setup, but surely there are other positions SitePoint can offer with this arrangement?

  • jose


    I’m from Philippines and I’m a web/multimedia developer for 6 years now, is there still a change to be qualified on your team? Actually we are planning to migrate in Australia maybe a couple of years from now but if given a chance to have a good employer that will be a great gift for us. Where can I send my resume?


  • The Web Guru

    Is this position still available?

  • Is this position still available?

    We’re actively interviewing candidates, but yes there is still time for you to submit your application.

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