Say Hi to Cambria

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Welcome to Per’Font’ Match!

Our first contestant works for a large software company in Seattle, Washington. She’s a hardworking career girl who excels at word processing and web design, enjoys long paragraphs with friends and loves to curl up with a good book in her downtime. Say a big ‘Hi’ to… Cambria!

Yes, this is Cambria and we are told she will not only be included in the new Longhorn OS, but has also landed the plum job of being the default Microsoft Word font. Hopefully that will mean Mac Office will get her too.

Farewell poor Times New Roman. It was a blast.

And it doesn’t end there from a type perspective. As Anne Van Wagener tells us, she will be joined in Longhorn by her friends:

  • Calibri – an easy-going but smart sans-serif
  • Candara – a serious young san-serif with old fashioned values
  • Consolas – a monospaced geekfont that cares
  • Constantia – a charming, approachable serif that’s easy to like
  • Corbel – an incisive, no-nonsense san-serif with a gentle side

They all look great. Nice work Microsoft! (you’re still not off the hook for the PNG thing though)

Of course, even when Longhorn is released it doesn’t change much in the short term, but, as the years roll on we are likely to be seeing a lot more of this bunch.

I’m already looking forward to writing my first ‘font-family: Cambria, Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif’.

Although, I guess that was it. Not quite as nice as I’d hoped. ;)

Still, certainly something for web designers to look forward to.

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