Published November 2016

Elms are components of many kinds of natural forests...and now the web

Web front end development has gone from playing around with jQuery in the vague hope it’ll work on IE6 as well as Firefox 1 to a giant fabulous, frenetic, unbelievably powerful ecosystem awash with fatigued developers.

The history of compile to JS languages is not a tale of glory either, with Dart having small take-up and CoffeeScript fading away amongst the hundreds that have cropped up and stalled, until now.

Elm is a delightful functional programming language for developers of all abilities to build a great front end…with type safety! Let Luke give you a rundown of the benefits in the first video in our new Elm stream.

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Meet your instructor
Luke Westby

Luke is a partner and co-founder a HumbleSpark in Chicago, IL. He is an active contributor to the Elm community and can frequently be found giving conference talks, producing audio and video, live-streaming, and discussing the language in Slack. He has contributed to a number of popular Elm projects and maintains a few open source packages himself. Luke is committed to building a strong, inclusive, and engaged community around Elm so that everyone working on web applications can share in the great experience it offers.