Handle Your Layouts with JavaScript and Handlebars

Published December 2015

JavaScript templates handled easily

Handlebars is great for interactive web apps that need to update frequently! That’s why in this screencast I will cover template engines but more specifically I will look into how Handlebars works. Once you have scratched the surface of Handlebars we’ll do a small project together using Handlebars templates and a Twitter Bootstrap Theme. What are you waiting for? Let’s handle this together!

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Meet your instructor

Kauress was first introduced to the web through "Purple Moon", the first RPG for girls at the time. In no time Kauress was soon banging away on Linux Kernel and C++. Programming however was just a hobby to Kauress and she went on to study in a completely different field completing a Bachelor in Animal Physiology and then a Master’s degree in Neuroscience. Kauress has since returned to her love of programming and now focusses on developing front-end JavaScript projects