Elegant Coding Through Dynamic Methods and "method_missing"

Part of Screencast Series: Ruby Metaprogramming Revealed

Published August 2015

Ruby methods with elegance

Ruby is a great language and metaprogramming is one of its most powerful features. However programmers who are not familiar with this concept sometimes find it difficult. This is the first video of “Metaprogramming in Ruby” series and I will explain you how implement dynamic methods making your code more elegant and concise. We will also discuss other useful Ruby methods like respond_to? and class_exec.


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Ilya Bodrov-Krukowski

Ilya is a lecturer at MATI-RSTU, senior engineer at Campaigner LLC and seasoned author at SitePoint. When Ilya is not working away on new projects or contributing to open source projects, he's expanding and refining his skills in HTML, CSS, jQuery, Angular, Backbone and Rails. You can read all about his work and development discoveries on his blog Radiant Wind.