Learn Programming Fundamentals with Python

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Published May 2016

It's not just Python, it's programming

This isn’t just an introductory Python course, it’s also an introductory programming course. Since Python is such a great language to teach general programming concepts, you get two birds with one stone - learning basic programming fundamentals as well as how to program in Python. You’ll discover what you can do with only Python and how to extend it when you’re ready to do more.

Oh — did we mention that there are no prerequisites required for this course?

For more on Python, take a look at our Exploring Python mini course. We provide you with plenty of Python lessons and useful tips to take you lessons further.

Oh yeah, and the whole SitePoint library! Learn More.

What you'll learn

  • Basic programming concepts that can be used in any languages.
  • Ability to create programs in one of the hottest programming languages.
  • Understanding of Python as a stand alone language and how to extend it.
  • Closed captions available
Meet your instructor
Brett Romero

Brett Romero is a software developer versed in .NET, PHP, Python, and iOS to name a few. He builds desktop, web and mobile applications. His design skills aren't too shabby either and knows Illustrator and Photoshop backwards and forward. Brett has also founded Bitesize Business School, which helps entrepreneurs develop needed technical skills for running an online business while also teaching them invaluable business skills.

Lesson 1: Introduction
What is Python? 2:20
Python 2 vs Python 3 3:35
Setting Up Your Environment 5:43
Lesson 2: Program Flow Basics
Variables and Strings 8:16
Conditional Flows 10:52
Collection Constructs in Python 6:40
Using While Loops 4:29
Using For Loops 4:18
Read and Write to Files with I/O 5:06
Working with Strings 6:08
Tuples 7:23
Lesson 3: Functions and Classes
Functions and Parameters 10:15
Lambda Expression 5:37
Understanding Variable Scope 13:11
Classes 20:58
Lesson 4: Exception Handling
Try/Except/Finally 10:34
Raising an Exception 5:44
Lesson 5: Course Conclusion
Conclusion 4:31

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