Build a Custom WordPress Theme

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Published June 2017

Make your own theme β€” from design, to a professional theme

WordPress powers 27% of all websites to date. It’s a number that continues to grow as its popularity grows.

Part of the reason that makes WordPress so popular, is that currently there are numerous plugins, themes, and alterations available. All resources that you need to help you get your site up live, quickly.

As convenient as these pre-built themes and plugins may be, sometimes they aren’t a perfect fit for your project and require considerable customizations. Customizations that may leave you stumped as you realise, you’ll need to dive into the code. The good thing is, the more you know about the WordPress eco-system, the more you can customize in your theme. Better yet, it allows you to create a more perfectly tailored theme, per project.

That’s what we’ll show you in this course. Understand the WordPress hierarchy, the ways in which each post, page, and line of code, interconnect with each other β€” all to give you a professional, perfectly made to fit, theme.

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What you'll learn

  • Understand the WordPress theme hierarchy
  • Learn how to build your own base theme
  • Understand the WordPress theme base functions
  • Closed captions available
Meet your instructor
Isaac Castillo

Isaac Castillo is a freelance web developer from San Antonio, Texas. Before becoming a freelancer, Isaac was a lead instructor, a local coding boot camp instructor teaching LAMP stack topics. He has even started his own teaching space at Isaac loves building applications with Laravel and JavaScript and has been working with design and web application development for over 15 years!

Lesson 1: Introduction to Templating
Course Introduction 0:29
What is WordPress Theming? 3:19
WordPress Template Structure 1:59
Theme File Structure 3:11
Lesson 2: Introduction to Template Hierarchy
WordPress Template Hierarchy 4:24
Blog Template 2:47
Page Template 1:06
Archive Template 1:18
Custom Post Type Template 2:30
Front Page and Home Template 2:27
The 404 Page 1:43
Creating a Custom Template 4:32
Lesson 3: WordPress Template Tags
Functions.php and Use Cases 2:52
Understanding wp_head() and wp_footer() 2:09
Understanding wp_enqueue_script() 3:01
Understanding wp_enqueue_style() 3:38
Understanding get_template_part() 2:52
Understanding get_theme_file_uri() 4:20
Understanding wp_nav_menu() 4:55
Understanding Post Related Template Tags 9:06
Lesson 4: Template Components
Creating the Header and get_header 1:48
Creating the Sidebar and get_sidebar 1:17
Creating the Footer and get_footer 2:26
Lesson 5: Slicing it Up
The Setup 5:08
Slicing the Header 7:56
Slicing the Footer 5:34
Slicing the Sidebar 1:37
Moving the Navigation to a Partial View 1:45
Pulling It All Together 9:26
Adding Pagination 3:40
Lesson 6: Components You Can Build in Functions
Build Your Own Widgets 9:19
Create Your Menu Areas 4:07
Create Your Own Custom Post Type 6:36
Lesson 7: Settings and Admin Features
Set the Home Page 4:54
Set the Permalinks 2:02
Lesson 8: Creating Your Own Asset Pipeline
Next Steps 2:04
Conclusion 0:25

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