Create Posts, Upload Media and Organise your Site with WordPress

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Published March 2013

WordPress, from beginner to expert with WPMU Dev.

WordPress makes it easy for anyone to update and manage content on a website. It is the most widely used and most popular Content Management System (CMS) on the web. It used to take years of training or a very expensive webmaster to help keep your site organized, up-to-date and fresh. WordPress changes all of that by giving you an easy to manage interface for creating and managing new content, users, styling options and more!

Oh yeah, and the whole SitePoint library! Learn More.

What you'll learn

  • Learn the Dashboard
  • All about Posts and Posting
  • Adding or Removing Pages
  • The visual editor
  • Working with images
  • Media Libraries
  • Appearences
  • Organising Content
  • Users
Meet your instructor
James Farmer

James works as part of WPMU who offer WordPress, Multisite & BuddyPress plugins, themes, news and reviews all from their website.

Lesson 1: The Dashboard
Dashboard 3:14
Admin Bar 1:05
QuickPress 0:33
Changing your password 0:38
Lesson 2: Posts
Adding new posts 1:15
Trashing a post 1:06
Restoring a post 0:42
Lesson 3: Pages
Adding new pages 0:52
Trashing a page 1:06
Restoring a page 0:42
Lesson 4: The Visual Editor
The toolbar 2:57
Editing text 1:19
Adding paragraphs 0:47
Add heading 1:12
Hyperlinks 1:32
Lists 0:54
Pasting from Word 1:39
oEmbed 1:19
Excerpts 2:54
Lesson 5: Working with images
Adding an image from your computer 1:47
Adding an image from media library 1:22
Adding an image from a URL 2:11
Creating and editing image galleries 2:25
Editing images 3:40
Replacing an image 1:10
Deleting images 0:53
Featured images 1:18
Lesson 6: Media library
Media library 1:25
Adding media 1:06
Image editor 1:38
Lesson 7: Appearance
Switching themes 1:31
Managing widgets 1:31
Creating and managing custom nav menus 1:53
Lesson 8: Organizing content
Categories 1:38
Tags 1:12
Lesson 9: Managing comments
Comments 1:56
Lesson 10: Users
Creating and editing users 2:56

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