WordPress: How To

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Published March 2013

WordPress, from beginner to expert with WPMU Dev.

WordPress makes it easy for anyone to update and manage content on a website. It is the most widely used and most popular Content Management System (CMS) on the web. It used to take years of training or a very expensive webmaster to help keep your site organized, up-to-date and fresh. WordPress changes all of that by giving you an easy to manage interface for creating and managing new content, users, styling options and more!

What you'll learn

  • Learn the Dashboard
  • All about Posts and Posting
  • Adding or Removing Pages
  • The visual editor
  • Working with images
  • Media Libraries
  • Appearences
  • Organising Content
  • Users
Meet your instructor
James Farmer

James works as part of WPMU who offer WordPress, Multisite & BuddyPress plugins, themes, news and reviews all from their website.

Lesson 1: The Dashboard
Free Dashboard 3:14
Free Admin Bar 1:05
Free QuickPress 0:33
Changing your password 0:38
Lesson 2: Posts
Adding new posts 1:15
Trashing a post 1:06
Restoring a post 0:42
Lesson 3: Pages
Adding new pages 0:52
Trashing a page 1:06
Restoring a page 0:42
Lesson 4: The Visual Editor
The toolbar 2:57
Editing text 1:19
Adding paragraphs 0:47
Add heading 1:12
Hyperlinks 1:32
Lists 0:54
Pasting from Word 1:39
oEmbed 1:19
Excerpts 2:54
Lesson 5: Working with images
Adding an image from your computer 1:47
Adding an image from media library 1:22
Adding an image from a URL 2:11
Creating and editing image galleries 2:25
Editing images 3:40
Replacing an image 1:10
Deleting images 0:53
Featured images 1:18
Lesson 6: Media library
Media library 1:25
Adding media 1:06
Image editor 1:38
Lesson 7: Appearance
Switching themes 1:31
Managing widgets 1:31
Creating and managing custom nav menus 1:53
Lesson 8: Organizing content
Categories 1:38
Tags 1:12
Lesson 9: Managing comments
Comments 1:56
Lesson 10: Users
Creating and editing users 2:56

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