Visualize Data with D3.js

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Published July 2017

Illustrate Your Data with JavaScript

D3 is the most popular data visualization library for JavaScript. It is used around the web to produce polished, animated and interactive charts, in order to convey meaning from any sort of data.

This mini course will teach you all you need to know about D3 and its fundamental concepts, by providing an overview of its main features: drawing shapes, reading data, using colour, animating, zooming and panning.

After following this mini course, you will know the core concepts and features of D3 and will possess the basic knowledge to produce simple visualizations. By completing this mini course, you’ll be confident and able to go beyond the scope of this course on your own.

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What you'll learn

  • Set up D3
  • Draw basic shapes with D3
  • Integrate data into your D3 visualizations
  • Closed captions available
Meet your instructor
Max Froumentin

Max has a PhD in computer science, and was previously a researcher in computer graphics. He has worked for the W3C, Opera Software, Joost and the World Wide Web Foundation, and is currently contracting for the Government Digital Service in London.

Lesson 1: Visualising Data with D3
What is D3? 7:29
Setting Up and Drawing Shapes with D3 19:34
Creating a Bar Chart with D3 14:12
Plotting Data on a Map 10:49
Using Tooltips and Colour to Improve Visualization 7:50
Interactive Features and Animation 12:06

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