Learn Vector Graphic Drawing Techniques

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Published March 2011

Vector graphics from scratch!

The “vector graphics from scratch” course is aimed at anyone wishing to learn how to create vector graphics. When learning digital graphics apps, most people end up in bitmap programs such as Photoshop first and get used to working with rich visuals. Once the need for clean visuals and vectors arises, the learning vector programs such as Illustrator becomes a must. People usually find it quite a challenge as drawing is initially somewhat counterintuitive. However, once you get to grips with the basics—and give yourself time to practice—vector graphics and their creation becomes an extra tool in your toolbox for graphic and web design, or any other creative endeavour. This course aims to help you along in your journey into vectors, hoping to enthuse you with the clean and beautiful lines.

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What you'll learn

  • What vector graphics are especially good for
  • Different tools used in building vectors
  • Drawing beautiful shapes
Meet your instructor
Prisca Schmarsow

For the past 16 years (and ongoing) Prisca has worked primarily as a freelance Designer and also run and taught design courses in adult/private educatio. Her passion lies in design and she loves the web and the sharing spirit of the online community.

Lesson 1: vector drawing tools
The beauty of vectors
vector vs bitmap
drawing shapes 12:55
the pen tool
using the pen tool 8:09
beautiful curves
drawing curves 16:13
practise makes perfect :)
Lesson 2: transformation tools
using the transformation tools
flower power ~ learn by play 14:24
free transformations
perspective exercise
perspective exercise - demo 12:10
practise makes perfect :)
Lesson 3: pathfinders
working with pathfinders
cookie cutting :)
fabulous pathfinders 14:44
clipping masks
working with clipping masks 11:00
practise makes perfect :)

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