Thinking UX

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Published May 2017

Understand how UX works and what considerations you should make in your designs

In this mini course we’ll cover the basic concepts of mobile-first user experience. We will cover why this so important and what we can do as designers to reduce the cognitive load on users and providing a better overall experience.

Take your designs to the drawing board with our course User Interface Design with Sketch 4.

What you'll learn

  • Why it’s important to grasp mobile-first design.
  • Understanding mobile users.
  • Making decisions on menus, forms and advertising best practices.
  • Closed captions available
Meet your instructor
Kray Mitchell

Kray is an industry professional with over a decade of experience. He has built thousands of websites throughout the years and has been specializing in the Joomla! CMS

Lesson 1: Lessons on UX
Free How to Rewire Your Brain for Mobile First UX 7:57
How to Improve UX by Understanding Users 6:42
Better Mobile UX with Strategic Menu Design 4:40
Designing Intuitive and Mobile Friendly Forms 7:43
Designing a Better Mobile Advertising User Experience 5:46

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