Beginners' Guide to Web Design with WordPress

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Published March 2011

Start your freelance career in web design with this course!

Do you want to learn how to use WordPress for web design? Do you want to start a freelance career in web design, but thought you couldn’t because you’re not a developer? Did you know that over 13% of the 1,000,000 biggest websites on the internet run on WordPress? Whether you’ve been dreaming about designing your own website (and saving yourself some money), or starting your own business, this course if for you! It’s a beginner’s guide to learning how to become a web designer specializing in WordPress, and also other fundamentals such as: what web hosting is, why Firefox is a web designer’s best friend, and even how to edit images!

The course is is made up of 7 easy-to-follow lessons, including articles, video tutorials, and interaction! You’ll get your interactive practice time through simple homework plans where you’ll actually try doing what you’ve learned in the tutorials. My objective is to make web design easy to understand, and I use real-world analogies to explain technical jargon to help you make sense of some of the fundamental concepts you need to understand in order to be a successful web designer.

What you'll learn

  • Setting up hosting
  • Installing WordPress
  • How to edit images
Meet your instructor
Ursula Comeau

Ursula, is a self-taught Wordpress addict who loves everything to do with WordPress, blogging, and social media. She has a strong background in service, support, and technical training.

Lesson 1: Introduction to WordPress
Free Welcome to the World of WordPress
Free WordPress - Video Overview 12:07
Free What are Themes, CSS, PHP and MySQL?
Free More on the WordPress Dashboard 13:20
Lesson 1 Homework
Lesson 2: Tools of the Trade - Website Hosting
Understanding Web Hosting
BlueHost's CPanel 13:04
Working with FTP 10:04
Installing WordPress with SimpleScripts 9:36
Lesson 2 Homework
Lesson 3: Tools of the Trade - Web Developers and Browsers
Firefox is a Web Designer's Best Friend
Firefox and Add-ons 23:15
Lesson 3 Homework
Lesson 4: Image Editing and Manipulation
Image Quality & Resolution
Image Resolution Example 6:49
Image Editing Tools & Resources
Image Manipulation Tools 17:19
Photoshop Elements 19:27
Lesson 4 Homework
Lesson 5: WordPress Themes
WordPress Themes Overview
Working with WordPress Themes 22:45
Working With Premium Themes 11:38
Lesson 5 Homework
Lesson 6: WordPress Plugins
What are WordPress Plugins?
Using Free Plugins 18:29
Premium Plugins 18:56
Lesson 6 Homework
Lesson 7: Putting It All Together
A Word on SEO
A Word on Images and Copyrights
Review and Tips & Tricks
List of Resources
Thank you! 0:41

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