Sound Synthesis with the Web Audio API

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Published August 2017

You ain't heard nothing yet!

The Web Audio API allows developers to leverage powerful audio processing techniques in the browser using JavaScript. In this mini course, you will learn some of the fundamentals of sound processing and synthesis, and how to implement them across a number of scenarios. How about learning how to altering a user’s voice and generating music with code? Sounds fun huh!

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What you'll learn

  • The fundamentals of creating and processing sound
  • The core ideas behind the design of the Web Audio API
  • How to use the provided AudioNodes to implement a variety of small programs
  • Closed captions available
Meet your instructor
James Wright

James is a full-stack software developer with a passion in web technologies. He is currently working with Node.js, C#, and Go, and has worked at the likes of Sky, Channel 4, and NET-A-PORTER.

Lesson 1: Web Audio API
Introduction to the Web Audio API 10:33
Audio Effect Filters 15:09
Processing MediaRecorder Data 14:47
Synthesising Sounds 12:49
Building an UI-Driven Synthesiser 11:36

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