Hands-On Programming Concepts with Ruby 2.0

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Published October 2015

Learn the latest Ruby and ignite your passion in programming

Ruby is a brilliant language to use! In this course, Darren Jones will introduce you to Ruby from the beginning, in a step-by-step fashion.

There are many practical activities and games to build, illustrating the many programming concepts explained by Darren. By the end of the course you would’ve learnt all the Ruby basics, including how to put your Ruby programs on the web using the Sinatra framework.

Ready to jump into some server-side programming?

You won’t need to have any previous programming knowledge but hey, it helps.

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Oh yeah, and the whole SitePoint library! Learn More.

What you'll learn

  • Install Ruby, Ruby Gems and Sinatra
  • Create classes
  • Write methods and Ruby programs
  • Manipulate Ruby objects such as strings, numbers and collections
  • Closed captions available
Meet your instructor
Darren Jones

Darren has been playing around with programming and building websites for over a decade. He tends to use Ruby and JavaScript and loves them both in their own special ways.

Lesson 1: Hello Ruby!
Introduction 2:13
Installing Ruby 2:29
IRB 6:40
Writing a Ruby Program 4:27
Ruby Gems 2:33
Sinatra 4:07
Lesson 2: Strings and Things
Understanding Strings and Things 0:30
Strings in IRB 9:54
Writing a Greeter Program 4:02
Writing a Madlibs Program 2:44
Putting the Greeter Program on the Web 6:23
Putting the Madlibs Program on the Web 7:43
Lesson 3: Numbers and Logic
Understanding Numbers and Logic 0:55
Numbers in IRB 9:10
Logic 13:42
Writing a Guess the Number Program 6:43
Putting Our Guess the Number Game on the Web 14:56
Lesson 4: Going Loopy over Collections
Introduction to Loopy Collections 0:49
Arrays 12:08
Hashes 7:17
Ranges 3:44
Loops 15:32
Writing a Playing Card Program 7:59
Build a "Play Your Cards Right" Web Game 15:36
Lesson 5: Methods
Understanding Methods 0:56
Methods in IRB 22:15
Methods in Sinatra 15:03
Lesson 6: Getting Classy with Classes
Introduction to Classes 1:02
Built-in Classes 6:08
Custom Classes 11:13
Inheritance 6:31
Adding Classes to Play Your Cards Right 20:03
Lesson 7: Conclusion
Course Conclusion 1:56

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