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Responsive Web Design 1: Key Concepts

1h 55m
May 2013
Library / Mobile / Responsive Web Design 1: Key Concepts

What you'll learn

  • Learn Responsive Web Design principles, Responsive versus Adaptive design, Progressive Enhancement, Mobile First design, and Responsive Web Design Breakpoints
  • Gain a detailed knowledge of media queries and how to apply them in Responsive Web Design
  • Gain an understanding of responsive typography
  • Build the skills needed to create fluid images
  • Experience creating responsive web design grids
  • Beginner
  • Closed captions available

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Learn Responsive Web Design from the ground up; create beautiful websites that look fantastic on any device

Responsive Web Design is now an essential skill for every web designer and developer. Learn Responsive Web Design from the ground up so that you can create beautiful websites that look fantastic on any device.

Focused, well-expressed, briskly paced, informative, one of the best bits of online teaching I've seen

Lesson 1: Overview and responsive type
Free Overview 1:56
Free Code: responsive type
Free Responsive type 7:23
Responsive web design principles 7:30
Lesson 2: Media queries
Overview 0:42
Media types 7:07
Code: media queries
Media queries syntax 15:42
Mobile-first media queries 3:40
Lesson 3: Fluid images
Overview 0:21
Code: images and backgrounds
Fluid inline images 6:27
Dealing with Internet Explorer 4:46
Fluid background images explained 6:45
Fluid background images 4:17
Lesson 4: Layout patterns, grids, and boilerplate
Overview 0:24
Layout patterns 2:53
CSS frameworks 4:56
Frameworks links
Finding patterns to help build our layout 8:02
Code: grids
The folder and files 12:18
Lesson 5: Multi-column responsive grids
Overview 0:24
A more complex grid 7:59
Code: responsive layouts
The folder 11:45

Russ Weakley

Russ is a world-renowned author, speaker and CSS expert. Russ has a detailed knowledge of Design and development. His expertise covers graphic design, interface design, site architecture and standards based development.


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