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Podcasting Basics for Beginners

1h 8m
March 2011
Library / Podcasting / Podcasting Basics for Beginners

What you'll learn

  • Introduction to podcasting
  • How to choose the right equipment
  • mixing Desking
  • Editing
  • Publishing
  • Beginner

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This course is about getting started in podcasting. Working out your show, choosing the right equipment, using the equipment and getting it out to the world. Aimed at beginners and podcasters that want to know how to get professional sounding podcast.

Great intro to podcasting.

Lesson 1: Introduction
Free Introduction 1:45
Free Creating A Show 9:37
Free Show Plan List
Free Activity 1
Lesson 2: Microphones
Overview 1:06
Overview Continued
Dynamic Microphones
Condenser Microphones
Reading Microphone Specs
Note about USB Microphones
Activity 2
Lesson 3: Mixing Desking & Making Noise!
The Mixing Desk - Part 1 5:26
The Mixing Desk - Part 2 1:59
The Mixing Desk - Part 3 7:45
The Mixing Desk - Part 4 2:41
Microphone Techniques 10:36
The Room, Mic & You
Activity 3
Lesson 4: Post-production
Editing Part 1 11:23
Editing Part 2 10:04
Activity 4
Lesson 5: Publishing
Publishing 5:57

Bruce Moyle

Bruce is a web designer, podcaster, new media producer, sound engineer. Director of Joffre Street Productions, Bruce has created one of the longest running indy pop culture podcast in Australia. He is also the technical director for Supanova