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Elements of Object-oriented PHP

1h 6m
March 2013
Library / PHP / Elements of Object-oriented PHP

What you'll learn

  • Discover Object-orientated programming
  • Write and analyze code examples
  • Learn about inheritance, visibility, and magic methods
  • Intermediate
  • Closed captions available

Learn to PHP Properly with Lorna Mitchell

Presented by accomplished PHP developer Lorna Mitchell (co-author of the SitePoint book PHP Master), this course is aimed at developers who want to write more readable, more sharable, and more maintainable code. For beginners to OOP, it covers an introduction to Object-oriented Programming (OOP) with PHP, inheritance, how to architect modular systems, magic methods, user accounts, visibility (public, private and protected), and much more. Its aim is to provide the basic terminology and concepts to allow you to quickly delve in the world of OO programming. Each topic is presented with a practical code demonstration, and Lorna also shares plenty of hints and tips for writing more efficient and powerful code along the way.

Excellent course. This was the best introduction course on OOP with PHP the I have seen to date. This course gave me easy to understand material and exercises that prepared me for the next level. I hope there will be more coming. Thanks

Lesson 1: What is OOP?
Free What is OOP? 7:04
Code Samples
Lesson 2: First Steps
First Steps 10:39
Lesson 3: Properties & Methods
Properties & methods 5:51
Exercise 1
Exercise 1: Solution
Lesson 4: Architecting Modular Systems
Architecting Modular Systems 5:23
Lesson 5: Coding Inheritance
Coding Inheritance 17:19
Lesson 6: Visibility: Private, Public and Protected
Visibility: Public, Private & Protected 8:38
Exercise 2
Exercise 2: Solution
Lesson 7: Magic Methods
Magic Methods 8:28
Lesson 8: Wrap up
Wrap Up 2:55
Where to go from here?

Lorna Mitchell

Lorna is a PHP consultant. She specializes in working with data and APIs. Lorna is active in the PHP community, leading the Joind.in open source project, and speaking at conferences, she also blogs regularly on her own site.


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