Use Modern HTML, CSS and JavaScript Features in your Code with Modernizr

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Published September 2015

Modernize your site features with 3.0

See what makes Modernizr so popular in this short course by Ryan Seddon.

Modernizr is a feature detection JavaScript library, it works by running tests to see what CSS, HTML and JavaScript features are currently supported by your browser. If your feature isn’t supported then Modernizr will work magic to have it supported. In this course Ryan will get you up to speed with the latest Modernizr 3 by creating custom builds, utilising the CSS class and taking advantage of Modernizr in your JavaScript.

Did we also mention that Ryan is a part of the Modernizr team?

Oh yeah, and the whole SitePoint library! Learn More.

What you'll learn

Use Modernizr to tailor experiences based on what different browsers support.

  • Taught by a member of the Modernizr team!
  • Use Modernizr to progressively enhance your website
  • Learn to use Modernizr in CSS and JavaScript
  • Closed captions available
Meet your instructor
Ryan Seddon

Ryan is a contributor to Modernizr he has a deep knowledge of its inner workings. Ryan has presented talks at various events and written for some great blogs. Ryan is an active blogger, twitterer and contributor to open source software.

Lesson 1: Course Overview
What is Modernizr? 1:02
Getting Started 1:42
Getting a Copy of Modernizr 1:26
Lesson 2: Modernizr in Your CSS
Using Modernizr CSS Classes 3:38
.no-feature vs .feature, What Should I Use? 4:48
When Not to Use The Modernizr CSS Classes 1:06
Adding a Custom Class Prefix 1:40
Lesson 3: Using Modernizr in your JavaScript
Feature Detection in Your JavaScript 1:03
How Do I Know What All the Feature Detect Names Are? 0:53
Utilizing the APIs 0:26 2:20
Modernizr.prefixed and prefixedCSS 6:41
What is the HTML5Shiv and Print Shiv? 2:52
Lesson 4: Progressive Enhancement
Progressive Enhancement (PE) Primer 0:56
.no-js vs .js class 3:06
Lesson 5: Course Conclusion
Conclusion 0:21

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