Customize A Local Development Environment with Joomla

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Published February 2014

How to install and configure a local dev environment using LAMP stacks.

If you have been building websites in HTML and are ready to move forward into using php/MySQL based applications, this course will teach you what a Local Development Environment is and how to install the top CMS software to start development of your website when you’re ready.

We will go through the install and setup of MAMP (Mac), XAMPP (Mac) and WAMP (Windows). Once we have the local environment setup and configured, I will show you how to install both Joomla! and WordPress in each system.

Oh yeah, and the whole SitePoint library! Learn More.

What you'll learn

  • Understand what a Local Development Environment is.
  • Install and configure MAMP, XAMPP or WAMP to run PHP & MySQL applications.
  • Install Joomla! or WordPress CMS (Content Management Systems).
Meet your instructor
Kray Mitchell

Kray is an industry professional with over a decade of experience. He has built thousands of websites throughout the years and has been specializing in the Joomla! CMS

Lesson 1: MAMP (Macintosh, Apache, MySQL and PHP
Download and Install MAMP 2:08
Configure MAMP 3:22
The Start Page 1:45
phpInfo Tab 0:41
phpMyAdmin Tab 1:56
Locate and Edit the php.ini file 1:39
Locate and Edit the httpd.conf file. 1:33
Download and install Joomla! on MAMP 4:33
View and Export Joomla! Database 1:47
Download and Install WordPress on MAMP 4:12
View and Export WordPress Database 0:41
Lesson 2: XAMPP for Macintosh (Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl)
Download and Install XAMPP for Mac 5:43
Welcome and Overview 5:37
phpInfo 0:35
phpMyAdmin 2:28
Webalizer 0:57
Finding and Editing the php.ini file 2:15
Download and Install the Joomla! CMS 9:05
Backup and Remove Joomla! Database, how to drop tables. 2:22
Download and Install Wordpress 4:40
Backup and Remove Wordpress Database, how to drop tables. 2:18
Lesson 3: WAMP for Windows (Windows, Apache, MySQL and PHP)
Download and install WAMP Server 4:25
Services Overview 3:34
WAMP Page and phpInfo 2:37
phpMyAdmin 2:27
SQLBuddy 2:16
Download and Install Joomla! into WAMP 8:22
Backup, Modify and Remove your Joomla! Database 3:05
Download and Install WordPress into WAMP 5:30
Backup, Modify and Remove your WordPress Database 2:35

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