Learn JavaScript Syntax and Programming Principles

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Published August 2015

Power your JavaScript code. Power the modern web.

From the browser to the server, JavaScript is one of the most versatile and popular languages powering the modern web.

In this course M. David Green will teach you the fundamentals of programming using JavaScript, covering everything that you need to have a solid foundation in the language, including the proper use of variables, operators, and statements. The fun doesn’t stop there, you’ll also be using JavaScript functions to define objects, pass values, and deal with issues of scope.

With so much learning, you’ll be coding like a true developer in no time.

Oh yeah, and the whole SitePoint library! Learn More.

What you'll learn

If you’ve never written a line of JavaScript before, this course is for you.

  • Learn about syntax, variables, and types
  • Make use of operators
  • Apply and work with statements
  • Build and use functions with scope and arguments
  • Closed captions available
Meet your instructor
M. David Green

A writer and agile coach, and the founder of Agile That Works, a consultancy that helps people in engineering organizations collaborate to make constant improvement a daily practice. David has worked as an engineer, a writer, a designer, a marketing director, and a communications analyst in companies from Fortune 100 giants to tiny high-tech startups in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. He also hosts the podcast Hack the Process at www.hacktheprocess.com.

Lesson 1: Course Introduction
The History of JavaScript 4:11
Adding Scripts to HTML Documents 2:51
Command-line JavaScript with Node 4:53
Writing JavaScript in Chrome Developer Tools 3:25
Online Code Testing and Sharing 4:13
Lesson 2: JavaScript Syntax, Variables, and Types
What are Syntax, Variables, and Types? 4:19
Case Sensitivity, Comments, and Reserved Words 5:56
Variables 9:13
Statements 5:29
String Primitives and References 13:16
Number Primitives and References 8:10
Booleans 12:07
Falsy Types 4:36
Reference Types 31:23
Lesson 3: Some Useful Operators
What are Operators? 7:22
Math Operations 20:12
Assignment 15:55
Relational 23:46
Logical 18:52
Lesson 4: Simple Statements
Block Statements 6:10
If Statements 8:28
For Statements 11:36
Switch Statements 10:11
For...in Statements 7:51
Lesson 5: Functions
What are Functions? 11:54
Arguments 15:43
Scope 20:18
Functions As Values 15:15
This 9:41
Lesson 6: Conclusion
Challenge 6:35
Conclusion 1:16

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