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Learn HTML5

Mastering a language like HTML5 can be intimidating. It doesn’t have to be!
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8h 35m
Release date:
March 2011
Closed captions available

Mastering a language like HTML5 can be intimidating. It doesn’t have to be!

Under the expert guidance of John Allsopp, you’ll find the combination of digestible audio, video and mini-articles with a supportive forum of classmates to be so much fun, you won’t even realize how much you’ve learned by the time you’re done.

Course Contents

Lesson 1: What Exactly is HTML5?
Free HTML5 Live Overview 7:46
Free Lesson 1 Outline 3:07
Free What Exactly is HTML5?
Free Can I Really Use HTML5 Right Now?
HTML5 Showcase 6:52
Join a Discussion: Introduce Yourself!
Lesson 2: Markup (Part I)
Lesson 2 Outline 1:49
The HTML5 doctype
Declaring Character Encodings in HTML5
Common Page Layout Patterns 6:25
Exercise 1 - Marking up a Blog
Plaintext to download and markup
Solution to Exercise 1 (Part I) 9:22
Solution to Exercise 1 (Part II) 9:56
Join a Discussion: Introduce Yourself!
Lesson 3: Markup (Part II)
Lesson 3 Outline 1:47
Sectioning in HTML5
Outline algorithms in HTML 4 and HTML5 (Part 1) 7:15
Outline algorithms in HTML 4 and HTML5 (Part 2) 7:10
Marking Up Dates and Times With HTML5
Marking Up Captions for Figures in HTML5
A short note on the two flavors of HTML5 - XHTML and HTML
Exercise - Completing the HTML5 Document from Lesson 2
Completed Exercise (Part I) 8:35
Completed Exercise (Part II) 9:48
Download my Worked Example
Lesson 4: ARIA
Lesson 4 Outline 2:39
Using the Role Attribute
Exercise 4.1 - Mark up a document using ARIA role attributes
Marking up the aforementioned document 9:45
Download my Finished Example
HTML 5 Form Elements
Exercise 4.2 - Creating Forms with HTML5
Download the Associated File
Answer to today's exercise 9:08
Download my Finished Example
Lesson 5: Recorded Webinar/Q&A Session
View Session A 1:15:24
View Session B 1:13:26
Lesson 6: Native Audio and Video
Lesson 6 Outline 1:32
The Video Element
The Audio Element
Complete an exercise: marking up an audio element
Download the ogg file
Download the mp3 file
Creating the Audio Element 6:13
Download my Finished Version
Backwards Compatibility
Complete an exercise: marking up a video element, with fallback content
Download the mp4 video file
Download the ogv video file
Download the swf video file
Creating the Video Element 9:38
Download my finished version of the video
Video and Audio Codecs
A Note on Accessibility
Lesson 7: Drawing With the Canvas Element
Lesson 7 Outline 1:32
canvas Console
Intro to canvas Console 3:28
Introducing the canvas element & Creating Fallback Content 9:16
The canvas coordinate system and sizing the canvas 5:41
Drawing with Canvas
Drawing with canvas, including filling, stroking and erasing rectangles 6:54
Drawing lines and other paths in canvas, including circles 7:37
Drawing text with canvas 4:22
Shadows and other Advanced canvas 7:53
Download the 'No Parking' sign
Download the 'Warning' sign
Lesson 8: Quality Assurance for HTML5
Lesson 8 Outline 1:39
Canvas Solutions (Part 1) - Solution to Lesson 7 Canvas Challenge 9:53
Canvas Solutions (Part 2) 8:27
Dealing with Browser Support (Part 1) 6:40
Dealing with Browser Support (Part 2) 5:06
Dealing with Browser Support (Part 3) 5:36
Dealing with Browser Support (Part 4) 5:54
Validating HTML5 7:44
Preparing for Lesson 9
Lesson 9: Bringing it all Together
Now it's your Turn
Download a page from a site
Download a zip file of all the page elements
Lesson 10: Recorded Webinar and Q&A Session
View Session A 1:08:58
View Session B 1:21:26
Lesson 11: Bonuses


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