jQuery Fundamentals

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Published June 2011

jQuery turns the chore of web development with JavaScript into a pleasure!

The most popular JavaScript library in the world, jQuery turns the chore of web development with JavaScript into a pleasure!

Both beginners and experienced jQuery users will be delighted with this course. It provides extensive training on selectors, DOM manipulation, events, effects, AJAX and jQuery utilities. When you complete this course you will be ready to use jQuery with confidence in your next web development project.

We’ve also created for you an in-browser development environment that will let you write and test all the code in this course by uploading a single folder to your web server.

What you'll learn

  • Selectors,
  • DOM manipulation
  • Events and effects
  • AJAX and jQuery utilities
  • How to use browser based development tools
Meet your instructor
John Farrar

John Farrar is the author of web server programming books, a national conference speaker, and a consultant with experience running from small business to fortune 500 companies on multiple projects.

Lesson 1: Introduction to jQuery
Free Getting Started
Free Exercise Files
Free Introduction to Selectors 7:04
Free Exercise: Selectors
Introducing Dom Manipulation 2:57
Exercise with Dom Manipulation
Introduction to Events 4:06
Exercise: Events
Introduction to Effects 2:30
Exercise: Effects
CSS, Attributes and More 4:22
Exercise: CSS, Attributes and More
Lesson 2: Selectors
Introduction Selectors
Basic Selectors 7:06
Exercise: Basic Selectors
Attribute Selectors 5:01
Exercise: Attribute Selectors
Descendant Selectors 4:23
Exercise: Descendant Selector
Form Selectors 8:36
Exercise: Form Selector
Basic Filter Selectors 5:36
Exercise: Basic and Child Filter Selectors
Content Filters 4:58
Exercise: Content Filter
Visibility Selectors 2:42
Exercise: Visibility Selector
Lesson 3: Dom Manipulation
Introduction to Dom Manipulation
Dom Insertion (Inside) 4:21
Exercise: Dom Insertion (Inside)
Dom Insertion (Around and Outside) 6:31
Exercise: Dom Insertion (Around and Outside) Excercise
Copy, Removal and Replacement 6:55
Exercise: Copy, Removal and Replacement
Attribute and Class Manipulation 6:16
Exercise: Attribute and Class Manipulation
Style Manipulation 5:42
Exercise: Style Manipulation
Lesson 4: Events
Introduction to Events
Document Load Events 4:47
Exercise: Document Load Events
Browser Events 2:48
Exercise: Browser Events
Event Object 2:05
Exercise: Event Object
Event Handler Attachment 9:40
Exercise: Event Handler Attachment
Form Events 4:19
Exercise: Form Events
Keyboard Events 4:10
Exercise: Keyboard Events
Mouse Events 6:04
Exercise: Mouse Events
Lesson 5: Effects and Position
Introduction to Effects
Basic Effects 2:33
Exercise: Basic Effects
Fading Effects 5:31
Exercise: Fading Effects
Sliding Effects 2:13
Exercise: Sliding Effects
Custom Effects 5:55
Exercise: Custom Effects
Offsets and Position 6:58
Exercise: Offsets and Position
Lesson 6: AJAX
Introduction to jQuery AJAX
AJAX Simplified 8:59
Exercise: AJAX Simplified
AJAX Helpers 2:46
Exercise: AJAX Helpers
AJAX Handlers 7:19
Exercise: AJAX Handlers
AJAX with Detail Control 5:13
Exercise: AJAX with Detail Control
Lesson 7: jQuery Utilities
Introduction to jQuery Utilities
jQuery Functions 6:40
Exercise: jQuery Functions
jQuery Data 6:42
Exercise: jQuery Data
jQuery Arrays 10:07
Exercise: jQuery Arrays
jQuery Each 6:10
Exercise: jQuery Each
Lesson 8: Extras
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