Your First Content Management System with Joomla

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Published April 2015

A free, open-source and easy to use CMS. Yes!

Need to build a sophisticated website quick? Jim Gonzalez guides you through a hands-on course using the Joomla Content Management System, teaching you to work with templates and web content to expand your site’s functionality. Make modules and components work for you by building a website from scratch - without writing a single line of code. Get started with the award-winning Joomla and create beautiful and effective websites.

Oh yeah, and the whole SitePoint library! Learn More.

What you'll learn

You will have a small, functional, and attractive website demonstrating a solid foundation in the basic workings of the Joomla content management system.

Learn to:

  • Install a web server on a local computer
  • Install the Joomla software
  • Manage menus, articles, categories and other content
  • Create custom web pages using modules and components
  • Install, and use free, high-quality third-party extensions and templates
  • Backup, migrate, and secure your website
  • Closed captions available
Meet your instructor
Jim Gonzalez

Jim has been teaching Design and Digital Communication classes for over 15 years. Over the years, he has taught thousands of students from all over the world how to design, build, promote, and maintain web sites.

Lesson 1: Course Introduction
Course Overview 4:21
What is a CMS and Why Use Joomla? 4:37
Overview of the Public and Admin Parts of Joomla 5:43
Lesson 2: Installing Joomla on your Local Computer
Software Install Options 4:03
Bitnami Joomla Server Stacks 3:41
Install Joomla on Your Computer 5:54
Testing the New Site 4:51
Lesson 3: Organizing Content
How Content is Organized and Presented in Joomla 4:07
Modifying Your Home Page 3:56
Working with Modules in the Module Manager 5:27
Changing Module Positions 4:40
Lesson 4: Adding Content
Create a New Category 2:14
Create a New Article 2:37
Add an Image and Image Link to Your Article 6:15
Create a New Home Page 4:08
Add Link to an Article 4:51
Lesson 5: Working with Menus
Overview of Joomla Menus 3:09
Link Your Articles to the Main Menu 2:20
Replace the Home Page with Your New Page 2:12
Lesson 6: Working with Modules
The Module Manager 3:15
Types of Modules 10:01
Adding Modules to Pages 5:09
Lesson 7: Changing Site Appearance with Templates
Default Templates 3:49
Finding the Right Template 3:04
Installing a Template 7:17
Modify Your Template 7:25
The Preview Module Positions Tool 1:55
Lesson 8: Extending Joomla Functionality
How Joomla Extensions Work 5:48
Important Extension Families 12:41
Add a Backup Extension 7:27
Lesson 9: Restoring Your Backup and Migrate Your Site
Create a Backup File 6:20
Moving the Restore Files 5:22
Creating a New Database 5:08
Restore/Migrate Your Site 10:19
Testing and Troubleshooting 6:52
Lesson 10: Security
Site Security 9:01
Other Security Tips 5:52
Optimize Your .htaccess File 7:30
Site Maintenance Tips 4:19
Lesson 11: Conclusion
Conclusion 4:39

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