Git It Together: Master Version Control with Git and GitHub

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Published May 2015

Git to it!

Working on projects can be complicated, especially when you’re in a development team. As your project expands, the changes and variations of a project increase, which can become a nightmare.

Enter Git. Git is a tool for managing changes to coding projects, Git utilizes version control, helpful in team-work as it allows for the most updated version of code as well as older versions to be kept. Git makes it easy to manage different versions of your code by updating, merging and reverting changes. It is probably most recognised for Github, a code sharing and publishing website that allows developers to showcase code. Want to know more? Watch as Kauress eases you into terminal, Git and GitHub so you’ll never have version control nightmares again.

Collaboration has never been easier. Come on, whip out your CMD/Terminal and hop, skip and Git to it.

Oh yeah, and the whole SitePoint library! Learn More.

What you'll learn

To teach the basic working structure and commands of Git.

What are the course learning objectives? Understand version control and how Git functions Learn how to use basic Git commands Be able to push your own project onto github for potential employers and customers to view

  • Closed captions available
Meet your instructor

Kauress was first introduced to the web through "Purple Moon", the first RPG for girls at the time. In no time Kauress was soon banging away on Linux Kernel and C++. Programming however was just a hobby to Kauress and she went on to study in a completely different field completing a Bachelor in Animal Physiology and then a Master’s degree in Neuroscience. Kauress has since returned to her love of programming and now focusses on developing front-end JavaScript projects

Lesson 1: Course Overview
Course Introduction 1:39
What is Version Control? 3:58
Introduction to Git 2:03
Git vs GitHub 0:52
Lesson 2: Installing Git and Navigating Github
Discovering New Repositories on GitHub 4:14
Make Your Very First Github Repository 4:01
Installing Git 1:14
Configuring Git 1:23
SSH for GitHub (Bonus Video) 3:57
Lesson 3: Basic Git Theory
Basic Git Theory 7:10
Setting Up For the Project 2:07
Lesson 4: Basic Git Commands
Add, Commit and Push 8:20
Pushing Your Changes to GitHub 4:43
Practice Pushing Your Changes 4:24
Lesson 5: Making Mistakes!
Undoing a Staged Change 2:41
Undoing a Committed Change 3:01
Undoing a Pushed Change 4:32
Git Diff 2:08
Lesson 6: Fetching, Merging and Pulling
Fetch and Merge Changes 5:14
Git Pull 1:29
Avoid Rejected Push Requests 5:29
Work Through a Failed Pull Request 4:11
Lesson 7: Working with Branches
Introduction to Branches in Git 2:59
Organizing Your Branches 5:39
Pushing to Branch featureA 5:20
Pushing to Branch featureB 4:11
Pulling into Branch featureA 7:10
Pulling into Branch featureB 3:49
Merging Branches 6:10
Merge Branch featureC into Master with a Fast Forward Merge 4:20
Merge Branch featureC into Master with a No Fast Forward Merge 4:53
Merging Branch featureB into Branch featureA 1:33
Merging Branch featureA into Master 2:20
Deleting Branches 2:18
Rebasing in Git 1:49
Lesson 8: View Your Git History
View Your Git Log 2:55
Lesson 9: Working with GitHub Pages
GitHub Pages 1:21
Putting Your Project on a GitHub Page 1:41
Lesson 10: Clone, Forking and Pull Requests
Git Clone 1:50
Forking on GitHub 1:38
Pull Requests 2:25
Lesson 11: Course Conclusion
Conclusion 0:34

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