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HTML5 & CSS3 for the Real World

Start building future-proof websites that are faster, more powerful, and easier to maintain.
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5h 31m
Release date:
August 2011
Closed captions available

HTML5 and CSS3 are the next-generation web technologies taking the web development community by storm. This course will get you familiar with many features of both languages, so you can start building future-proof websites that are faster, more powerful, and easier to maintain.

Course Contents

Lesson 1: Introducing HTML5 & CSS3
Free Why Start Using HTML5 & CSS3 Today? 15:11
Lesson 2: Building an HTML5 Template
Free The Doctype and More 11:30
Finishing Our Template 16:21
Lesson 3: HTML5 Semantics & Syntax
Header, Footer, & Nav 10:36
Article, Section, & Aside 8:36
Validation and Syntax 10:58
HTML5 Syntax Tips 7:58
Changes in HTML5 9:10
Lesson 4: HTML5 Forms
Building a Search Form with HTML5 12:13
New Form Inputs and Attributes 12:30
More New Form Enhancements 14:49
Even More Form Enhancements 14:09
Lesson 5: HTML5 Video
Why Do We Need HTML5 Video? 12:27
Bulletproof HTML5 Video (Part 1) 11:45
Bulletproof HTML5 Video (Part 2) 14:16
Lesson 6: Rounded Corners & Drop Shadows with CSS3
All About border-radius 15:11
The box-shadow Property 12:08
The text-shadow Property 8:47
Lesson 7: CSS3 Colors and Transparency
Opacity and RGBa Colors 9:12
HSLa Colors 13:04
Lesson 8: Making Stuff Move with CSS3
CSS3 Transforms 13:14
CSS3 Transitions 13:43
CSS3 Keyframe Animations (Part 1) 10:42
CSS3 Keyframe Animations (Part 2) 14:15
Lesson 9: CSS3 Gradients and Backgrounds
Linear Gradients 13:12
Radial Gradients (Part 1) 10:05
Radial Gradients (Part 2) 6:54
New Background Features 8:54
Lesson 10: Links & Resources
Links From Lessons 1-9
Lesson 11: Code Archive
Code Archive



Louis Lazaris Louis Lazaris has been designing and developing websites for more than 10 years. He is a co-author of HTML5 and CSS3 for the Real World, published by SitePoint, and he writes regularly for a number of top design and development blogs.