Learn Basic Image Techniques with Photoshop

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Published September 2012

Learning photoshop has never been easier with Lisa Catalano

This Foundations of Photoshop class is for people who are completely new to Photoshop or who want to understand it better. It covers the foundational skills that you need to use Photoshop. Work through 25+ exercises while watching the videos to learn some of the basic tools of Photoshop. Topics include: Layers, Adjusting your images, Photo Retouching, Design Tools and more.

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What you'll learn

  • How to get around photoshop
  • Re-sizing and cropping images
  • Using layers, selections and masks
  • Image adjustments and the design tools
  • Closed captions available
Meet your instructor
Lisa Catalano

I'm a web developer, designer, teacher and student. Keeping up to speed on technology is a challenge these days, and I like to try to focus in on what is most important and useful.

Lesson 1: Getting around in Photoshop
Introduction 3:31
Exercise Files
Pixel Editor 2:03
The Workspace 8:19
Preferences 6:05
Zooming 6:42
File Management 4:33
The Mini Bridge 6:07
Reviewing Images 4:39
Undo and Redo Work 5:09
Lesson 1 Reference Sheets
Lesson 2: Image Resizing and Cropping
Image Resizing and Cropping 0:35
Exercise Files
Cropping 4:15
Cropping Options 10:00
Perspective Cropping 2:14
Background Layers 2:42
Image Size 8:14
Canvas Size 7:09
Putting it all together 11:20
Lesson 2 Reference Sheets
Lesson 3: Understanding Layers
Understanding Layers 1:25
Exercise Files
The Layers Panel 5:52
Organizing Layers 4:49
Layer Opacity 4:30
Locking Layers 4:21
Blending Modes 7:42
Masking with Blending Modes 2:25
Layer Styles 9:48
Lesson 3 Reference Sheets
Lesson 4: Selections and Masks
Selections & Masks 1:22
Exercise Files
Marquee Selection Tools 3:36
Lasso Selection Tools 6:11
Quick Selection Tool 4:50
Refine Edge 4:36
Layer Masks 5:45
Smart Filters with a Mask 4:44
Combining Images with a Mask 6:59
Lesson 4 Reference Sheets
Lesson 5: Making Adjustments
Making Adjustments 1:08
Exercise Files
The Adjustments Panel 8:05
Adding Contrast to Images 7:37
Isolating an Adjustment with a Mask 4:14
Hue Saturation Adjustment 6:22
Selective Color Adjustment 2:20
Fixing a Color Cast 8:21
Color Balance 2:58
Understanding Color 5:05
Black and White Adjustments 4:28
Lesson 5 Reference Sheets
Lesson 6: Retouching Images
Retouching Images 1:16
Lesson 6 Files
Content-Aware Scale Tool 3:30
Content-Aware Fill and Move 5:23
Healing Brush Tools 7:09
The Patch Tool 8:47
The Clone Tool 7:47
Final Retouching Project 5:18
Lesson 6 Reference Sheets
Lesson 7: Design Tools
Design Tools 0:43
Lesson 7 Files
The Brush Tool 9:13
The Shape Tools 8:32
The Text Tool 7:30
The Gradient Tools 6:11
The Transform Tool 9:21
Lesson 7 Reference Sheets
Lesson 8: Final Project
Final Project 0:47
Lesson 8 Files
Grids and Guides 5:14
Creating a Template 6:38
Copying a Selection 5:13
Rotate and Crop 4:26
Duplicate Layer 3:26
Smart Objects 8:59
Adjusting Layers 5:39
Problems 3:26
Adding Text 10:04
Wrap Up 1:58
Reference Sheets
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