Learn Database and Security Techniques with PHP

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Published May 2017

Learning more about PHP, one video at a time

We’ve compiled some of our favourite PHP lessons into this neat mini course. Get ready to jump between useful PHP tactics, explore PHP packages, you’ll event learn how to secure your PHP pages.

With the lessons in this mini course, you can drastically reduce the amount of code you write for various common tasks and some not so common tasks, such as prepopulating databases and creating spreadsheets.

We hope you enjoy your taster but if you’d like to get in-depth with PHP, check out our Laravel course.

Oh yeah, and the whole SitePoint library! Learn More.

What you'll learn

  • Learn useful PHP tactics
  • Learn to prevent PHP attacks
  • Explore different PHP packages such as Guzzle, Faker and PHPExcel.
  • Closed captions available
Meet your instructor
Lami Ada

Lami is an IT consultant with a focus on web, database, and mobile technologies. He is very versed in technologies that run on both Microsoft and Linux platforms.

Meet your instructor
Ashraff Hathibelagal

Ashraff is a blogger and freelance programmer, who loves tinkering with new frameworks, SDKs and devices. He has been building enterprise applications for various multinational organizations using HTML, PHP and Java for over a decade now, something he still enjoys. Lately, Ashraff has become obsessed with newer languages such as Ruby and Kotlin, never missing a chance to use them in his projects.

Lesson 1: Exploring PHP
Database Access with PHP 10:13
Useful Arrays and Array Functions in PHP 11:16
Prevent Brute Force Attacks on a Login Page 9:33
Prevent XSS Attacks in PHP 4:55
Fetch Remote Data Using Guzzle 7:52
Faker! Dummy Data for Your Empty Databases 9:00
Sharing Data with PHPExcel 9:09
Handling PHP Logging with Monolog 7:55
PHP Dependencies Made Easy with Composer 9:46
Avoid CSRF Exploits in Your PHP Apps Today 6:52
Using Shorthand if-else Conditionals in PHP to Make Code More Succinct 4:07

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