Improve your Sketch Productivity with These Tips and Tricks

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Published May 2017

Start designing with Sketch

By now you’ve heard of Sketch. Have you ever wanted to quickly learn it so you can see just what it’s like creating amazing interfaces much more efficiently than you can with Photoshop? Sketch was made from the ground up to meet to the needs of UI designer and front-end developers alike. Whether you’re a freelancer who both designs and develops his/her projects, or you’re a designer who needs to send off designer to the developers on your team.

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Meet your instructor
Adam Rasheed

Adam Rasheed is a professional UX/UI designer, front-end developer, consultant and commercial photographer. A creative by heart, when Adam is not busy working he's learning a new skill most recently, it’s been hand-lettering and Sketch. In his spare time you'll find Adam exploring Orange County for the newest (and best) restaurants.

Lesson 1: Design Essentials with Sketch
Logo Thumb Rules 8:08
Sketch vs Photoshop for Web and UI Design 11:35
A Guide to Sketch's Inspector Tool 14:45
Productive Sketch Tips You Should Know 6:48
How to Prepare Design Deliverables with Sketch 7:08
How to Use Sketch's Measure Plugin 5:09
Creating an Illustration in Sketch and Exporting it as an SVG 8:02
Sketch Keyboard Shortcuts 9:45
Lesson 2: Bytes: 1 Minute Lessons on Sketch
Byte: Why We Love Sketch in 1 Minute 1:05
Byte: How To Style Layers in Sketch in 1 Minute 1:09
Byte: How To Use Artboards in Sketch in 1 Minute 1:10
Byte: Layer List Interactions with Sketch in 1 Minute 1:10
Byte: Shared Styles in Sketch in 1 Minute 1:10
Byte: Using Smart Guides on Sketch in 1 Minute 1:10
Byte: Learning Symbols in Sketch in 1 Minute 1:10

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