Building a Realtime Firebase Database

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Published November 2017

Learn how to build production-ready Angular 2 applications by building a bug tracking app!

This course continues where Angular 2: Modules, Routing and Components left off - make sure you’ve completed that before beginning.

In this course, we’ll show you how to use Google’s Firebase to build out functionality for Bugged Out, our bug-tracking app. Firebase saves developers considerable time by providing a backend-as-a-service.

We’ll use Firebase to store data about our bugs, and retrieve that data for display within the app’s views. We’ll also show you how to use Firebase for your authentication system.

After you complete this, you can continue building Bugged Out with the next course, Angular 2: Creating a Form.

This is part five of a seven part series. Get the full benefit by completing them in order:

Oh yeah, and the whole SitePoint library! Learn More.

What you'll learn

  • All about Google’s Firebase backend-as-a-service

  • How to store and retrieve data in your Firebase database

  • How to use Firebase for your authentication system
Meet your instructor
Jess Rascal

Jess Rascal is a product manager by day, a web and iOS developer the rest of the time that his brain is active.

Lesson 1: Building a Realtime Database with Firebase as Backend as a Service
Introduction to Firebase 6:04
Creating the Firebase Project 2:33
Adding the Firebase SDK 3:31
Creating the Firebase Config Service 15:41
Structuring Our Bug Data in the Firebase Database 12:42
Configuring Access to the Firebase Database 5:26
Creating the Bug Service 3:50
Introduction to Firebase Listeners 16:38
Using a Firebase Listener to Get Data 23:43
Typescript Data Encapsulation 11:01
Creating the Bug Model Class 5:30
Parsing the Bug Data from Firebase (TypeScript Casting) 9:42
Displaying the Bugs in the Table 4:33
Creating the Bug Detail Component 5:18
Creating the Bug Detail Template (Bootstrap Modal) 5:00
Displaying the Bug Detail Modal (Attribute Binding) 12:41

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