Build Your First Rails App

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Published June 2013

Create a complete Ruby on Rails 4 app with a log in system and deploy it to Heroku

Learn Ruby on Rails in 8 short steps and build your first Rails app by following practical video tutorials from the ‘Jump Start Rails’ book author Andy Hawthorne.

In just 2 hours you can complete the course and then dive straight into the accompanying book 'Jump Start Rails’ to complete your learning.

What you'll learn

  • Start the course by setting up your Rails environment, then move on to creating your first app from scratch
  • Along the way you’ll learn to work with controllers, layouts and scaffolds, plus adding a log in system and extra gems
  • By the end you’ll have deployed your new app to Heroku, one of the preferred hosting platforms for Rails apps
  • It’s the complete Rails introduction


  • Manipulate controllers to produce flexible layouts
  • Set up Twitter Bootstrap on your app
  • Control access to resources
  • Take advantage of Markdown and helper methods
Meet your instructor
Andy Hawthorne

Andy is a freelance writer and web developer from Coventry, England. He has spent 12 years as a web developer, and still likes trying new web coding technologies.

Lesson 1: Introduction
Free Introduction 1:08
Lesson 2: Setting Up For Rails
Free Setting Up For Rails 3:34
Lesson 3: Creating an App — Controllers and Layouts
Creating an App — Controllers and Layouts 10:47
Lesson 4: Creating Resources
Creating Resources 8:31
Lesson 5: Logging in
Logging In 11:37
Lesson 6: Markdown and Helpers
Free Markdown and Helpers 5:40
Lesson 7: Deploying to Heroku
Deploying to Heroku 13:18
Lesson 8: Wrap Up
Wrap Up 0:25

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