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Build your first Rails app

June 2013
Library / Ruby / Build your first Rails app

What you'll learn

  • Start the course by setting up your Rails environment, then move on to creating your first app from scratch
  • Along the way you’ll learn to work with controllers, layouts and scaffolds, plus adding a log in system and extra gems
  • By the end you’ll have deployed your new app to Heroku, one of the preferred hosting platforms for Rails apps
  • It’s the complete Rails introduction


  • Manipulate controllers to produce flexible layouts
  • Set up Twitter Bootstrap on your app
  • Control access to resources
  • Take advantage of Markdown and helper methods
  • Intermediate

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Create a complete Ruby on Rails 4 app with a log in system and deploy it to Heroku

Learn Ruby on Rails in 8 short steps and build your first Rails app by following practical video tutorials from the ‘Jump Start Rails’ book author Andy Hawthorne.

In just 2 hours you can complete the course and then dive straight into the accompanying book 'Jump Start Rails’ to complete your learning.

Great intro to Rails, short and sweet. To the point, but with enough details to give you all you need to start building rails apps.

Lesson 1: Introduction
Free Introduction 1:08
Lesson 2: Setting Up For Rails
Setting Up For Rails 3:34
Lesson 3: Creating an App — Controllers and Layouts
Creating an App — Controllers and Layouts 10:47
Lesson 4: Creating Resources
Creating Resources 8:31
Lesson 5: Logging in
Logging In 11:37
Lesson 6: Markdown and Helpers
Markdown and Helpers 5:40
Lesson 7: Deploying to Heroku
Deploying to Heroku 13:18
Lesson 8: Wrap Up
Wrap Up 0:25

Andy Hawthorne

Andy is a freelance writer and web developer from Coventry, England. He has spent 12 years as a web developer, and still likes trying new web coding technologies.


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