Build Your First Backbone.js App

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Published July 2015

Learn about the client-side framework that has your back

With client-side frameworks gaining so much popularity these days, you will notice very quickly that Backbone.js is one of the most prominent among them. Why? Well because it’s aimed at rapid and simple web development while keeping your code maintainable and well-ordered, and who doesn’t like that?

Learn all about the advantages of using this framework in this course. Ilya Bodrov will get you started with Backbone.js and guide you into writing a simple one-page web app using Local Storage, Handlebars.js and Twitter Bootstrap.

Oh yeah, and the whole SitePoint library! Learn More.

What you'll learn

Learn how to build single-­page MVC web applications with Backbone.js

  • Create simple single­page web applications fast using Backbone.js
  • Use the Handlebars.js templating engine
  • Organize JS code according to MVC concepts
  • Work with Backbone.js plugins (Local Storage, Validation, StickIt)
  • Closed captions available
Meet your instructor
Ilya Bodrov-Krukowski

Ilya is a lecturer at MATI-RSTU, senior engineer at Campaigner LLC and seasoned author at SitePoint. When Ilya is not working away on new projects or contributing to open source projects, he's expanding and refining his skills in HTML, CSS, jQuery, Angular, Backbone and Rails. You can read all about his work and development discoveries on his blog Radiant Wind.

Lesson 1: Course Introduction
Course Introduction 3:00
Prerequisites and Installation 3:33
Backbone.js and You 4:29
Other Technologies Used Throughout This Course 4:07
Lesson 2: Laying the Foundations
Preparing the App 6:48
File Structure and Loading the Project 2:17
Planning the App 2:02
Lesson 3: Views
Meet the View 6:09
Drafting Events List View 5:41
Binding Events 4:24
Using Handlebars.js Templates 6:31
Styling and Organizing the App 1:51
Precompiling Handlebars.js Templates 6:18
Lesson 4: Models and collections
Your First Model 6:31
Introducing Collections 6:32
Rendering Collection 3:11
Binding Events to Collections 7:32
Adding Form to Create New Items 8:11
Removing Items 5:49
Adding Validations 7:15
Lesson 5: Working with routes
Routing in Backbone.js 1:52
Creating Backbone.js Router 5:14
Adding Routes 9:44
Generating Custom Identifiers 5:37
Lesson 6: Refactoring and Finalizing the App
Proper Naming 2:18
Reducing Code Duplication Using Inheritance 5:31
Introducing Layouts 5:07
Working with Regions 8:16
Introducing Application Layout 4:42
Lesson 7: Working with Backbone’s Plugins
Introduction to Backbone.js Plugins 1:32
Better Validations 9:21
Using StickIt to introduce Data Binding 3:31
Lesson 8: Conclusion
Conclusion 0:49

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