Build a Successful Web Design Business

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Published November 2012

Escape your boss and work for yourself!

Build a Successful Web Design Business is a video course by world renowned web designer, speaker, podcaster and author Paul Boag. While escaping your ‘evil’ boss and working for yourself may sound like a dream, in reality it can be a lot of hard work! Make life much easier for yourself by utilizing Paul’s expert advice, top hints and tips, gained through over 10 years in the business.

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What you'll learn

  • How to pitch for a business
  • Hiring staff
  • Managing customers and time
Meet your instructor
Paul Boag

Paul Boag has been working with the web since 1994. He runs his own consultancy at, where he works closely with clients to establish their digital strategy. Paul also speaks extensively on various aspects of web design both at conferences across the world and on his award winning web design podcast.

Lesson 1: Selling your services
Introduction 1:05
Selling your services 1:43
Marketing 5:34
Pitching and proposals 11:23
Lesson 2: Working with clients
Introduction 2:06
Establishing the right relationship 12:48
Getting design sign-off 12:37
Lesson 3: Growing your business
Introduction 2:00
Having a vision 5:46
Practicalities of Growth 10:42
Lesson 4: Getting the Job Done
Introduction 1:20
Being organized 15:43
Balancing work and admin 7:53

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