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Backbone.js: A practical beginner's guide

1h 1m
April 2013
Library / JavaScript / Backbone.js: A practical beginner's guide

What you'll learn

  • Bring MVC structure to the front end
  • Use models to represent data
  • Represent DOM elements, models, and collections in views
  • Use collections to manage models
  • Discover effective routing
  • Beginner

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This course is an introduction to the concepts of Backbone.js and the problems Backbone.js was created to solve. We examine a working case study app showing appropriate organization of JavaScript files and discuss how Backbone.js integrates with the back end and how to manipulate the front end.

I liked this course. Andy succinctly gave a clear presentation of the salient architectural points of backbone.js and illustrated them well in the examples.

Lesson 1: Introduction
Free Introduction 3:39
Lesson 2: Models
Project files
Models 22:27
Lesson 3: Views
Views 15:04
Lesson 4: Collections
Collections 10:44
Lesson 5: Routers
Routers 8:18
Lesson 6: Conclusion
Conclusion 0:59

Andy Appleton

Andy is a London based JavaScript developer at GoCardless, the only payment provider startup to offer a Direct Debit API. While he primarily works with JavaScript on the front end, he also writes Ruby, HTML, and CSS, and has a bit of a fixation with Node.js.


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