Angular 5: Services

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Learn Angular services with focussed projects

  • 9 Videos
  • 1 hours 39 minutes
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About the course

Angular is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks today that developers use to build advanced single-page web apps faster and more easily.

In Learn Angular 5, we taught you the fundamentals of Angular 5 and got you building a code snippet management app. You should complete that course first, if you haven’t already.

In Angular 5: Services, you’ll:

  • Learn all about browser storage
  • Learn how services work
  • Learn how to set up services and consume them
  • Build advanced extensions to your code snippet manager
  • Build an app that tracks your crypto portfolio balances

Having completed our two courses, you’ll be ready to build real-world Angular 5 projects for clients, work, or yourself.

  • 9 Videos
  • 1 hours 39 minutes
  • 551 Happy Students

Courses Outline

Lesson 1: Angular Services
Introduction to Browser Storage
Introduction to Services
Building the Language Manager Service
Building the Snippet Manager Service
Consuming Services with the Language Bar
Consuming the Snippet Service
Code Snippets Finishing Touch-Ups
Wrapping Up Code Snippets
Lesson 2: Crypto Cache Project
Introduction to our Crypto Cache Project
  • 9 Videos
  • 1 hours 39 minutes
  • 551 Happy Students