An Introduction to Bootstrap

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Published August 2013

Use Bootstrap to build responsive, platform-agnostic websites in no time.

Find out more about Bootstrap, a CSS and JavaScript framework developed by Twitter. Thousands of websites, including MSNBC and NASA, use Bootstrap to:

What you'll learn

The course gives an overview of Bootstrap 2’s key features, including LESS, the framework’s base CSS, an introduction to scaffolding and its components.

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Lesson 1: Introduction
Introduction 1:13
Lesson 2: Overview
A Bootstrap overview 9:12
Lesson 3: LESS
Working with LESS 9:10
Lesson 4: CSS Styling
Base CSS 10:26
Lesson 5: Scaffolding
Column-based layout 8:01
Lesson 6: Components
Automating tasks with components 12:09

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