6 Tools to build a front-end workflow

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About the course

Every developer has a workflow whether they realize it or not. A workflow consists of all the technologies, tools, and environment setup that facilitate software development. Experienced developers have advanced workflows to make their development experience more productive, and less tedious.

This mini course will show several tools and environment setups that will help you to be a better web developer, regardless of your preference of programming language.

If you were keen to create a front-end workflow and web project, check out our Responsive Web Development. Warning, it’s an intermediate course, so if you’re looking for a challenge this is it. Once you’ve completed, you’ll have a true understanding of how professional developers work.

  • 6 Videos
  • 1 hours 6 minutes
  • 1321 Happy Students

Courses Outline

Lesson 1: Front-End Development Workflows
How is Homebrew Used to Start Your Workflow?
What is npm and How Can I Use It?
What is Bower?
How Should I Start a Local Node Server?
How to Publish a Website on Heroku
How to Set Up MySQL without MAMP
  • 6 Videos
  • 1 hours 6 minutes
  • 1321 Happy Students