Your First Week With React

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Your First Week With React

What’s included in SitePoint Premium?

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    React is a remarkable JavaScript library that’s taken the development community by storm. In a nutshell, it’s made it easier for developers to build interactive user interfaces for web, mobile and desktop platforms. One of its best features is its freedom from the problematic bugs inherent in MVC frameworks, where inconsistent views is a recurring problem for big projects. Today, thousands of companies worldwide are using React, including big names such as Netflix and AirBnB. React has become immensely popular, such that a number of apps have been ported to React — including WhatsApp, Instagram and Dropbox.

    This book is a collection of tutorials that will guide you through your first days with the amazingly flexible library.

    It contains:

    1. How to Tell if React is the Best Fit for Your Next Project by Maria Antonietta Perna
    2. React vs Angular: An In-depth Comparison by Pavels Jelisejevs
    3. Getting Started with React: A Beginner’s Guide by Michael Wanyoike
    4. Getting React Projects Ready Fast with Pre-configured Builds by Pavels Jelisejevs
    5. Styling in React: From External CSS to Styled Components by Chris Laughlin
    6. An Introduction to JSX by Matt Burnett
    7. Working with Data in React: Properties & State by Eric Greene
    8. React for Angular Developers by Mark Brown
    9. A Guide to Testing React Components by Camile Reyes

    This book is for novice React developers. You’ll need to be familiar with HTML and CSS and have a reasonable level of understanding of JavaScript in order to follow the discussion.

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