The WordPress Anthology

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The WordPress Anthology

Published December 2011

Get under the hood of WordPress and customize it to meet your needs!

The WordPress Anthology puts you in the driver’s seat of this powerful & flexible open-source CMS, offering an extensive array of solutions for your projects. Jam-packed with proven tips & techniques for web developers, you’ll discover how to effectively use WordPress to better meet your needs. In short, it’ll make the world’s most versatile CMS work for you!

Oh yeah, and the whole SitePoint library! Learn More.

What you'll learn

  • Conquer the inner mechanics: delve into the nuts and bolts of WordPress and make it work for you, with custom post types, file structuring, the Loop, taxonomies, and more.
  • Extend your project’s functionality with plugins, themes, and APIs
  • Adopt Multisite capabilities to host and manage your own centralized network of WordPress websites
  • Learn how to successfully launch and market your projects on a global scale using internationalization, localization, SEO, and goal conversion best practices
  • PDF, EPUB, MOBI 303 pg
Meet your author
Mick Olinik

Mick is a partner at Superfast Websites and NinjaDesk Elite Technical Support & Training. As a WordPress expert who specializes in graphic design, WordPress theme skinning, and organic SEO.

Meet your author
Raena Jackson Armitage

Raena Jackson Armitage is an Australian web developer with a background in content management, Public Speaking, and training.


  1. Hello World
  2. WordPress 101
  3. The Loop and WordPress File System
  4. Post Types
  5. Plugins
  6. Themes
  7. Taxonomies
  8. Image Galleries and Featured Images
  9. The WordPress API
  10. Multisite: Rolling Your Own Network
  11. Going Global with Themes and Plugins
  12. SEO, Marketing, and Goal Conversion

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