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What’s included in SitePoint Premium?

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    This 230-page book is packed full of all the basic concepts and introductions into the more complex capabilities. And I’ve made it an exciting read with detailed explanations, colorful diagrams, practical examples, and more!

    Why Kubernetes?

    In recent years, Kubernetes has risen to become a leading platform for cloud-native technology. Its container orchestration capabilities have allowed for much smoother operation of applications.

    • Service Discovery & Load Balancing. Not only will your application adapt to any unfamiliar service discovery mechanism, but each Pod within the application will get its very own IP address that can be accessed with a single DNS. You can also load-balance across a group of Pods!
    • Self-Healing. When needed, Kubernetes will automatically restart and reschedule containers to ensure a healthy flow of traffic through applications.
    • Configuration & Secret Management.You’ll never have to rebuild your applications in order to update your configuration settings or secrets.
    • Scaling. Scale your application with a single command or sit back and allow the application to scale on auto-pilot based on your CPU usage.
    • Rollouts & Rollbacks. Piece by piece, introduce changes to your application and configuration that will allow for close monitoring and quick recovery in case of any failures
    • Storage Management. Quickly mount your desired storage system directly to the application; local, cloud-provider, network system, and more.

    “All of these features sound great! But how hard is it to learn Kubernetes…?”

    In short, Kubernetes likes to do things its own way. While mastering the platform is really just a matter of grasping a few concepts, it can feel overwhelming to the untrained eye.

    To the untrained user, this complexity can be too much to handle and the terminology is completely new! I remember when I first started learning…

    “What the heck is a Pod?!”

    “Why do I need Deployments?”

    “ReplicaSets, Ingress, Volumes, RBAC… What is all of this?!?”

    I have created this book to flatten the learning curve of Kubernetes and make sure it can be a solid tool for anyone who needs it!

    If you are a developer, system administrator, or solution architect who wants to make the transition into Kubernetes an absolute breeze, this book is your key to success.

    We recommend users have a basic knowledge of Docker and how to run a container or build an image. But other than that, this course can take you from scratch to master!

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