Level Up Your Web Apps With Go

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Level Up Your Web Apps With Go

Published April 2015

Harness the power of Go in your web apps!

Go is an open-source language from Google that’s a bit like C. Designed for programmer productivity, it’s got a clean syntax, and emphasizes concurrency.

This book gives you all you need to use Go in your web applications. You’ll learn the basic concepts — language structures, the standard library, and Go tools — then tackle more advanced features like concurrency concepts, testing methodologies, and package structures.

At each step, you’ll get advice for better coding in Go. You’ll see how to structure projects, how to use concurrency effectively, and best practices for testing—as well as many other hints and tips gleaned from real world experience of developing web applications with Go.

The Internet is a place of constant evolution and creation. Nearly every day, web developers have new tools available to add to their repertoire. In recent years, though, few have been as influential as the Go programming language. Originally created at Google to solve system administration problems, Go has evolved into a modern, powerful, and well-adopted language. To call Go just a language would be a disservice, however; Go is more than a language—it’s an entire ecosystem. From the tools that come with it, to the community of developers that build on it, Go is a force majeure in the web development world and it is here to stay.

So what is Go? Well, it’s a combination of a strongly typed programming language, and a collection of tools that make working with the language a pleasure. While many may consider a language to comprise merely the syntax, the tools provided to aid development are just as important—if not more so—than the language itself.

The topics covered in this book are targeted at web development. While Go wasn’t created as a “language for web development,” it was produced with such a powerful and diverse standard library that web developers have taken to the language in droves, with many organizations now having Go applications powering their services. In this book, we won’t be covering every aspect of the standard library; instead we’ll be diving deeply into how to create fast, powerful, and maintainable web applications.

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What you'll learn

  • Get to grips with Go language basics (types, the standard library, tools).
  • Understand concurrency.
  • Test effectively and master deployment.
  • PDF, EPUB, MOBI 260 pg
Meet your author
Mal Curtis

Mal Curtis is a Kiwi polyglot software engineer currently focussing on Go and JavaScript. He’s the founder of transaction email management service Apostle.io, and is a Principal Engineer at Vend, where he helps make beautiful Point of Sale and Inventory Management software (yes, it can be beautiful). In the past he’s helped launch Learnable.com, and worked for SitePoint in Melbourne. In his spare time you’ll find him attempting geeky pursuits with varying levels of failure, such as quadcopters and sous vide cooking.


  1. Welcome New Gopher
  2. Go Types Explored
  3. HTTP
  4. Gophr Part 1: The Project
  5. Gophr Part 2: All About the Users
  6. Gophr Part 3: Remembering Our Users
  7. Gophr Part 4: Images
  8. Gophr Part 5: Concurrency
  9. Automated Testing
  10. Packaging and Production

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