Lean Websites

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Lean Websites

Published May 2015

Performance simply matters

This is a practical book on website performance for web developers, concentrating mainly on front-end performance improvement. It covers plenty of solid theory, but is also packed with useful, real world hints and tips that you can use on your sites today.

This book, Lean Websites, examines the causes behind bloated and slow websites, dissects which assets of your page are necessary, which are nice to have, and which are not necessary at all and can be removed to shed some weight. It will help you understand what causes websites to be slow, and how to look for efficiency while maintaining the quality originally envisioned for your site.

The title of the book includes the word lean. So what does the word mean? ‘Lean’ is used in this book to describe both the nature of the product we create and the process of creating it. Keeping a product lean means removing anything that might impede its performance. In the case of a website, this means keeping a clear focus on elements that add value to the site, and ensuring that these elements are optimized to provide the best possible user experience. Likewise, the more we practice building healthy, lightweight websites, the leaner and more efficient the process becomes—hopefully becoming part of our DNA when deploying our sites.

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What you'll learn

  • Measuring and monitoring performance
  • Setting up a page weight budget
  • Optimizing images, video, scripts and third-party content
  • PDF, EPUB, MOBI 300 pg
Meet your author
Barbara Bermes

Barbara has been an ardent performance advocate and web technologist for many years, working on a variety of web projects, most recently for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. As an international speaker, a contributor to jsmanners, and the organizer of the Toronto Web Performance Meetup, Barbara shares her passion and knowledge of web performance with the community.


  1. Performance Simply Matters
  2. User Experience and Performance
  3. Measuring & Monitoring Performance
  4. Performance Boot Camp Setup
  5. Mastering Lean HTTP Requests
  6. Producing Lean Web Assets: Part 1
  7. Producing Lean Web Assets: Part 2
  8. Automating Optimization Tasks
  9. Network and Server Performance Improvements
  10. A Multi-device Web World
  11. Mobile Optimization Techniques
  12. Performance Cheat Sheet

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