Jump Start Sketch

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Jump Start Sketch

Published May 2016

Supercharge your design process with Sketch

Sketch is fast becoming a favorite tool of modern web and UI designers. It’s a smart vector-based design app with a simple, clean, and intuitive interface. It has a range of powerful features, such as easy-to-use grids and layer alignment, unlimited artboards, and granular export. It’s easy to see why so many top designers are now adding Sketch to their toolboxes!

This book provides a rapid and practical introduction to using Sketch for web and mobile UI design. If you’re currently relying on Photoshop for UI design, you’ll quickly understand how Sketch can supercharge your design process.

This book is suitable for web and UI designers with some experience with another graphic tool, such as Photoshop.

What you'll learn

  • Get to grips with Sketch’s UI
  • Master Sketch’s built-in layout grid
  • Export your designs into ready-to-use HTML and CSS
  • PDF, EPUB, MOBI 150 pg
Meet your author
Daniel Schwarz

Daniel is a designer, writer, and now author. He's also a digital nomad, travelling the world with his beloved wife and earning his bucks writing about various design-related topics, and his *other* beloved - Sketch. He founded Airwalk Studios, which is working on books and magazines for designers and digital nomads. He and his wife both run the company from Airbnb's and local cafés.

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