Jump Start HTML5

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Jump Start HTML5

Published February 2014

Get up to speed with HTML5 in a weekend.

Everything you need to know about HTML5 in one place!

If you’re any sort of web developer then you need to know HTML. The language has undergone some dramatic changes in recent years: HTML5 has come onto the scene, offering a slew of exciting new features, like native audio and video, vector graphics, offline apps, and much more.

This book is the perfect primer to get to grips with HTML5, and start to take advantage of its power in your projects.

What you'll learn

  • Master multimedia: embed native audio and video with ease!
  • Create stunning graphics that scale using SVG and the new <canvas> element.
  • Build apps that work, even when your internet connection doesn’t, with local storage and IndexedDB.
  • PDF, EPUB, MOBI 276 pg
Meet your author
Tiffany Brown

Tiffany B. Brown is a freelance web developer and technical writer based in Los Angeles. She has worked on the web for more than a decade. She offers web development and consulting services to agencies and small design teams.

Meet your author
Kerry Butters

Kerry Butters is a technology writer from the UK. With a background in technology and publishing, Kerry writes across a range of techy subjects including web design and corporate tech

Meet your author
Sandeep Panda

Sandeep Panda is a web developer and writer with a passion for JavaScript and HTML5. He has over four years' experience programming for the Web. He loves experimenting with new technologies as they emerge and is a continuous learner.


  1. Basics: What is HTML5?
  2. Basics: The Anatomy of HTML5
  3. Basics: Structuring Documents
  4. Basics: HTML5 Forms
  5. Basics: Multimedia, Audio and Video
  6. Multimedia: Preparing Your Media
  7. Multimedia: Using Native HTML5 Audio
  8. Multimedia: Using Native HTML5 Video
  9. Multimedia: The source Element
  10. Mutimedia: The track Element
  11. Multimedia: Scripting Media Players
  12. Canvas & SVG: An Introduction to Canvas
  13. Canvas & SVG: Canvas Basics
  14. Canvas & SVG: Handling Non-supporting Browsers
  15. Canvas & SVG: Canvas Gradients
  16. Canvas & SVG: Canvas Images and Videos
  17. Canvas & SVG: An Introduction to SVG
  18. Canvas & SVG: Using SVG
  19. Canvas & SVG: SVG Bézier Curves
  20. Canvas & SVG: SVG Filter Effects
  21. Canvas & SVG: Canvas or SVG?
  22. Offline Apps: Detecting When the User Is Connected
  23. Offline Apps: Application Cache
  24. Offline Apps: Web Storage
  25. Offline Apps: Storing Data With Client-side Databases
  26. APIs: Overview
  27. APIs: Web Workers
  28. APIs: The Geolocation API
  29. APIs: Server Sent Events
  30. APIs: The WebSocket API
  31. APIs: The Cross-document Messaging API

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