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Jump Start JavaScript

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Jump Start JavaScript

What you'll learn

  • Nail the JavaScript FUNDAMENTALS you’ll need to get started
  • Make the DOM dance: CONTROL every element on your page with ease
  • Master the CANVAS: Create compelling games, apps & interactive graphics live in the browser
  • Build perfectly tailored JavaScript SOLUTIONS to the problem in front of you
  • CONSTRUCT a dynamic JavaScript-powered to-do list app while you’re learning
  • Beginner

Get up to speed with JavaScript in a weekend

JavaScript is the lifeblood of today’s web. If you’re going to learn one new language this year, make sure it’s JavaScript.

Take a quick peek under the hood of the largest social network giant or the smallest bedroom startup, and what will you find? JavaScript. Pages and pages of JavaScript. Twitter, Facebook, and Google are all living, breathing JavaScript beings. It’s the beating heart of the modern web!

Whether you’re a back-end dev, front-end dev or designer, Jump Start JavaScript is the perfect primer to what may be the single most valuable language to know for the coming decade.

An aspect of the authors' style I found helpful is that of anticipating the obvious "yes, what what if ...?" questions after each idea is introduced.


  1. Setting Up
  2. Variables
  3. Arrays
  4. Objects and Functions
  5. Loops and Jumps
  6. The Document Object Model
  7. Events
  8. Canvas

Ara Pehlivanian

Ara has been working on the Web since 1997. Most recently, he's worked on high-end, highly visible projects as a web developer and practice lead at Nurun, a front-end engineer at Yahoo! Mail, and is currently a JavaScript developer on the HP Cloud Services team.

Don Nguyen

Don has programmed in a variety of web environments including ASP, PHP, and Python, but feels that Node.js is foremost at handling the modern demands of the real-time web.


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