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HTML & CSS: A SitePoint Anthology #1

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    HTML & CSS: A SitePoint Anthology #1 is a collection of the most useful and interesting articles on HTML and CSS that have been published on sitepoint.com recently, plus an exclusive article from a bona fide web standards rock star, none other than Opera Software’s Bruce Lawson.

    HTML and CSS are fast-moving topics: over the last few years, the number of features that are available to us has been expanding at a very rapid rate. It’s difficult to stay abreast of everything, of course, but hopefully the collection of practical articles presented in this article will provide you with some solid techniques that you can use in your work, and maybe provide some inspiration of things to try in future projects.

    We’ve covered a range of topics, including little-known CSS facts, validation, HTML video, grid systems, media queries, and more. In addition to the mostly practical, tutorial-type articles presented here, we’ve also added a couple of broader pieces to help put the evolution of HTML and CSS in context.

    The first is the aforementioned article from Bruce Lawson, entitled Living in Interesting Times, which discusses the difficulties faced by the web (and web developers) currently, and what you can do to help overcome them.

    The second is a piece from SitePoint’s HTML and CSS channel editor Louis Lazaris. Entitled CSS is Alive and Well, it discusses the challenges that CSS faces from technologies like React, and presents solid evidence as to why CSS won’t be going anywhere soon.

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